HUST Holds Training Sessions & Workshops for All Her Cadres

byChen Ying fromDepartment of Publicity

Translated byWei Xutao; edited byZhen Yanhua

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On Feb. 23, a training session for all HUST middle-leveled cadres was held in the Lecture Hall of HUST’s New Main Teaching building, West Campus, underthe host of Vice Party Secretary Lu Yan. The wholeHUST’s leading staff, as well as all cadres above section level, attended the session, on which Vice Presidents Fang Wenbin, Liu Shenghui, Guo Erjun, Man Chuntao and Yang Chun as well as Chief Accountant Ji Donghai, delivered their coaching reports one by one, combining with the jobs they are in charge of respectively.

OnFeb. 24, six workshops were set up for all attendees to study and discuss affairs in six fields, i.e., the Reform on Personnel System, the Reform on Undergraduate Education & teaching,the Reform on Science Researching System & Mechanism, the Reform on Financial & Resource Management, the Reform on Logistics & Campus Construction, the Reform on Party Construction & Discipline Supervision. By focusing on these vital tasks in the reform and development of our university as well assharing understandings and insights with each other, the attendees tended to form plenty of new thoughts and measures in their work, and to enhance their confidence in developing HUST into a stronger one as well.

On the morning ofFeb. 25, based on the outcomefrom the last two days, President Li Dayong and Party Secretary Zhao Guogang made their concluding speeches in turns, illuminating the key words in the projects of HUST comprehensive reform & development and encouraging the attendees to gather strength and do work in earnest.

At last, Vice Presidents Man Chuntao summarized the spirit of the training session and workshop, stressing that the strategical ideology of President Li and Party Secretary Zhao should be carried out in all divisions with great care and enthusiasm.


Party Secretary Zhao making concluding speech


President Li making concluding speech


Vice Party Secretary Lu hosting the training session and workshop


Vice President Guo delivering coaching report on Science Researching System & Mechanism Reform


Vice President Yang delivering coaching report on Logistics & Campus Construction Reform


Vice President Fang delivering coaching report on Personnel System Reform


Vice President Man delivering coaching report on Resource Management Reform


Vice President Liu delivering coaching report on Undergraduate Education & Teaching Reform


Chief Accountant Ji delivering coaching reports on Financial Management Reform


Sites of group discussions


Reporting the outcome of group discussions


Site of the training session and workshop

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