“HUST Stars” Illuminate the 8thCMC

byChen Lili fromSchool of Appilied Sciences

Translated byWei Xutao; edited byZhen Yanhua

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On March 19, the 8thCMC(The Chinese Mathematics Competition) ended in USTB, which saw a historicalbreak-through of HUST: entering the final round of nationwide competition in the groups of both mathematics majors and non-mathematics majors, as well as winning the first prize in the former.

Among 284 excellent final competitors selected from more than 80,000 registered applicants, many of whom are from top universities including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Nankai University,Nanjing University, Fudan University and so on, Xu Yunzhong, a HUST undergraduate of Grade 2013 majoring in Information & Computation Science ranked the 5th place in the Senior Group of Mathematics majors and was granted the first prize while another HUST undergraduate, Lin Zhichao, of Grade 2013 majoring in Automation, won the third prize in the Group ofNon-mathematics majors.

For the remarkable achievements of her students made in the 8thCMC, HUST was rewarded as one of the best organizing units in Heilongjiang Province this year.

In 2009, the firstCMCwas held in NUDT, and from then on, it attracted more and more undergraduates and has developed into one of the most influential as well as the most objective and fairest academic competitions in China. In HUST, to help students do better inCMCis always being laid special stress by leaders at all levels as well as all maths teachers and most students studying maths. Up to now, altogether1,321 prizes has been won by HUST competitors,which ranked the second place in all Heilongjiang universities and colleges,behind HIT.

CAS AcademicianLin Qun, the initiator ofCMC, concluded “A true man never cares about his origin” on Awarding Ceremony of the 8th Competition, which can be regarded as the best compliment to the dedication of Xu and Lin, as well as the guiding team of HUST maths teachers accompanying him during the whole process!


CAS AcademicianLin Qun andXu Yunzhong


Xu Yunzhongand Xu Lili, his adviser


Lin Zhichao and Luo Laizhen, his adviser


HUST team at the 8thCMCAwarding Ceremony


Xu’s certificate


Lin’s certificate


The achievement report of Xu and some of his competitors


Vice President Liu Shenghui welcoming HUST team participating the 8thCMC

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