HUST First Meeting of Graduate Education and Academic Discipline Construction of the Semester Opens

byYan Tingliang fromGraduate School

Translated by Liu Xiuming; edited by Chen Fuming

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On the afternoon of March 16, the first meeting of graduate education andacademic discipline construction of HUST in this semester opened in the 2rd meeting room in the new building. This meeting was attended by Fang Wenbin, Vice President of HUST, Ge Baojun, Dean of school of graduates, Duan Hongwei, Vice Dean of school of graduates, deans and vice deans from the schools responsible for graduate education as well as the secretaries from college party branches. Ge Baojun worked as the host and Fang Wenbin delivered an important speech on the meeting.

Ge Baojun put forward the specific requirements in such fields as admissions, education, degree managements and academic discipline constructions of the graduates in this semester. Having made an exhaustive analysis on the reform of graduate education in a new situation, Ge pointed out that thanks to the great efforts of the staff in the admission office, the enrollment plan of the graduates in our university this year will have been fulfilled successfully. The number of the graduates enrolled has reached 1103 so far with a rise of 6.3%. He hoped that those schools responsible for graduate education should collaborate with school of graduate to take effective measures to fulfill the final task of graduate enrollment this year. He demonstrated the procedures of the graduation dissertation checking and the oral defense for the 2017 graduates, and then he emphasized largely on the importance and the necessity of the concealed evaluation system of graduate dissertations. He summarized that all the rules and regulations of HUST related to the graduate dissertations and oral defenses should be strictly enforced to ensure a success in the coming graduate graduation work. After careful explanations on the application ofmaster and doctor program, the goal of establishment of the double first-class university and the assessment of degrees authorization, he concluded his speech by reiterating the specific requirements on the improvement of teaching management, the implementation and the enforcement of the newly-made graduate training program.

Duan Hongwei made a report on graduates’ school-leaving, the competitions that they had ever attended and theirjob-hunting or employment respectively. He showed the schedules which graduates would follow before they leftschools. He informed the attendees of the regulations of scholarship assessments and the job-hunting or employment. He thought highly of the great success made by the graduates in competitions or contests. Furthermore, he commented on the trainings of graduates in the participation of competitions.

Vice President Fang Wenbin restated the importance and the significance of the meeting. He reaffirmed that the theme of the meeting like graduate admission as well as dissertation quality control must be carried out very strictly without delay. He also added that the advisors of the graduates would be punished in accordance with the related regulations if the dissertations of their graduates failed in the concealed assessments. He demanded that good preparations should be made for the assessments ahead of time. In addition, he suggested that schools do their best to help all the graduates leave schools gratefully and happily. At last, he reemphasized the importance of employment of the graduates by urging the secretaries to do whatever they can to help the graduates in finding jobs.

The meeting in progress

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