Seeking Overall Development and Composing a New Chapter

by Zhou Changqun    from Department of Publicity

Translated by Wei Zhinan;    edited by Zhen Yanhua

Time: 2017-03-02 10:54:37   Click: 1350

At the beginning of this semester, the school Party committee organized a seminar on training cadres, focusing on the comprehensive reform in two-level administration management of university and colleges, upgrading the quality of undergraduate education and the construction of related disciplines, a symbol of a university’s overall strength and conditions of running a school, and breaking restrictions on the development of the school.

All the faculty and staff are working hard to promote the “double top” construction. In order to build a top university, we need to improve the quality of personnel training, thus, facilitating other work of the school. We should enhance the sense of crisis, the sense of responsibility and urgency, thinking in a new way and developing through innovation.

The key to development lies in the minority, that is, the school’s political and administrative cadres, who are the locomotive on the high-speed rail line, playing a leading role in the development of our school. Therefore, all cadres are supposed to work hard in order to establish a prestigious teaching-research university.

In fact, development is determined by undergraduate teaching quality and discipline construction. The first-class undergraduate education is an important foundation for and a significant symbol of the construction of "double class" university. Hence, we need to continue to adhere to the old headmaster Wang Daheng’s idea of education: teaching and research should be equally treated and education personnel be cultivated, and it matters to establish a “student-centered, learning oriented, and continuous improvement" philosophy of education and teaching in the discipline, combined with science and technology, multidisciplinary with each other.

Nowadays, strategic emerging industries are demanding the oriented transformation and the upgrading of traditional professional schools so as to keep our school leading the industry. In addition, by means of the supply-side structural reform, optimization and adjustment of discipline will be achieved so as to improve the social demand of the related discipline, thus, increasing the popularity among the students.

Strengthening teacher training and teaching evaluation will improve the supply capacity of teaching resources. Also, the small class teaching will increase general rate of selective courses , improve graduates’ professional ability and humanities.

Meanwhile, encouraging teachers especially science teachers to participate in scientific research will facilitate teaching and innovation ability. Strengthening engineering education certification will accelerate the implementation of human resources strategy, and accelerate the construction of special talents, as well as strengthen the internal driving force and the extension of influence strong school construction.

All in all, to seek development requires a satisfactory environment. School spirit is just the environment. In order to create a remarkable school spirit, cadres need to create a free and democratic atmosphere and all the staff should follow the rules and pay much attention to morality and ethics. And everyone is to carry forward the spirit of dedication, responsibility for the country, for the students, toiling and moiling day by day.

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