HUST Leader Sends Loving Care to the Retired

by Sun Xuesong    from Retired Department

Translated by Yang Xin;    edited by Zhen Yanhua

Time: 2017-01-23 13:11:06    Click: 1,762

On January 22, HUST Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Lu Yan, accompanied by Secretary of party Committee Chen Hongbin and Vice Director Xin Aimei in the Retired Office visited the retired comrades, Yang Feng, Wang Qingtao, Tang Chuanlin, Chang Ning, Li Chunyuan, Jiang Chengjin, Yue Yunlong, Si Naijun in east, west and north campus. She went to their homes and sent greetings from our leaders and staff, wishing them a happy new year and good health, expressing her gratitude to them for their contribution to our university. She also gave a brief introduction to the development of our university in the passing year, and listened to their suggestions patiently.


The retired comrades and their family numbers shows great appreciation for our leaders loving care. They said highly on the great achievement we got on the aspects of talent cultivation, subject establishment, welfare improvement, and the service to the retired.


Lu visiting the retired leader Yang Feng


Lu visiting the retired leader Wang Qingtao


Lu visiting the former leader Tang Chuanlin


Lu visiting the retired leader Chang Ning

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