Training for Party Activists and Probationary Party Members of the Latter Part of 2016 Accomplished

by Zang Xiaoming   from Party Organization (United Front)

Translated by Xu Lei;    edited by Chen Fuming

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Since the October of 2016, with the purpose of giving the youth the communist ideal education, cultivating and training a couple of qualified builders and reliable successors of the cause of socialism who are equipped with true skill and genuine knowledge and firm communist faith, and based on the characteristics of young teachers and college students, in accordance with 3 training steps consisting of theoretical education, Party spirit exercise and checking, the training for Party activists and probationary Party members of the latter part of 2016 given by the Party School of HUST has provided the education on Party rules systematically, series significant speeches given by President Xi Jinping, ideals and beliefs as well as Party’s aim awareness; the Party School held 6 school trainings, 34 special counseling meetings, 17 exchange meetings, 22 social practice activities, and 10,940 Party school students pioneer demonstration activities.

In the checking part, the Party School conducted the supervision over the training strictly, arranging 34 class patrols and 17 exam patrols, giving instruction to the sub-Party Schools, randomly inspecting about 600 students for the verification of pioneer demonstration activities and responding with feedbacks for all the checking results. This training gave education to 1,293 Party activists and 938 probationary Party members, of whom 2,068 students got the qualified certificates. 163 students failed due to false information of pioneer demonstration activities, notes not written by oneself, not finishing all the steps of Party School training and other issues.  (Photos by Liu Chang)


Opening Ceremony of the Party School of the latter half of 2016


Counseling Meetings


Principals of sub-Party Schools giving Party lessons


Principals and teachers of sub-Party Schools giving Party lessons


Counseling Meetings


Exchange Meetings


Social Practice Activities


Students Pioneer Demonstration Activities


Exams of Party Lessons

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