Vice President Yang Chun Gives Front-line Logistics Workers Warm Greetings on Lunar New Year’s Eve

by He Zhengbiao    Executive Editor: Xu Zhuang    from Logistics Management Office

Translated by Wei Zhinan;    edited by Chen Fuming

Time: 2017-01-27 17:30:55    Click: 1,550

On the afternoon of January 27, 2017, as the Spring Festival was approaching, Vice President Yang Chun, accompanied by An Wen Bin, Director of the Logistics Management, and Wang Binyuan, Director of the Service Center of Water, Electricity, and Warm Supply, visited the boiler rooms and substations on the West, South, and East campuses to give front-line logistics workers warm greetings and good wishes on behalf of the school.

Vice President Yang Chun expressed his gratitude to those working in the boiler room on the west campus. He said, “In the past year, all the staff have worked together and overcome the shortage of funds, problems of old equipment and other difficulties, and successfully renovated bath house for students on the south campus and finished the transformation of centralized heating on the east and south campuses, which has ensured the supply of heating, water, and power.” He then thanked the staff members for their dedication and hard work, and wished all the staff and their families a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.

Vice President Yang Chun had a warm conversation with those on duty and extended sincere greetings and blessings. Finally, he asked the personnel of Logistics Management Office to provide good service, to improve safety awareness, to ensure the stable operation of logistics, and that our faculty members, students and their families have a pleasant and auspicious Spring Festival.


Vice President Yang Chun visiting the Substation on the West Campus


Vice President Yang Chun visiting the Boiler Room on the West Campus


Vice President Yang Chun visits the heat-exchange station on the East Campus


Vice President Yang Chun visiting the heat-exchange station on the East Campus

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