11th Discussion Meeting Held by Directing Department of Teacher Apartment Program

by Anonymous;    Edited by Xu Zhuang

from Directing Department of Teacher Apartment Program

Translated by Xu Dan;    edited by Chen Fuming

Time: 2017-01-06 10:19:26; Click: 1,669

At 2 p.m., January 5, the 11th discussion meeting was held at the main administrative building by directing department of teacher apartment program. Present at the meeting were Li Dayong, director of the directing department, president of HUST, Yang Chun, vice director, vice president of HUST, Ji Donghai, vice director, administer of the finance department, chief accountant, and Huo Guannan, vice director, minister of engineering department, director of the capital construction department. The other participants at the meeting were ministers and vice ministers of the directing department, members of the legal counsel, members of logistics management department and people from the proprietors committee. The meeting was chaired by Li Dayong.  

According to the suggestions given by university faculty, great emphasis should be put by the directing department on finding feasible solutions to data collection and comparison of the total areas of the balcony and shared public area. Meanwhile, the construction expenditures should be estimated and follow-up budgets should be planned.

On behalf of the university, president Li Dayong extended his great thanks to all the members of the directing department and other relevant departments for their hard work during the construction of the teachers’ apartments. He emphasized that although the formalities for moving in the apartments had been completed, follow-up work shall be carried out with great care. It was requested of all relevant personnel to spend the winter break analyzing the causes for the problems raised by the faculty. At the same time, the construction department shall effectively address the issues concerning construction. All issues shall be tackled without further delay. For those problems which seem insoluble, detailed accounts should be given.


Li Dayong, director of the directing department, president of HUST, giving a speech


The meeting

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