HUST CPC Committee Holds 2016’s Democratic Meeting for her Top Leading Group

byZang Xiaoming fromDepartment of CPC Organization & United Front Work

Translated byWei Xutao; edited byChen Fuming

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On January 14,2016’s Democratic Meeting forHUSTtop leading group of CPC Committeewas held in the2nd Meeting Room of New Teaching Building, West Campus. All members of HUST Standing CPC Committee except Vice President Fang Wenbin,attended the meeting, while Vice President Liu Shenghui, attended the meeting without voting rights for his Democratic Party membership.

The meeting was hosted by HUST Party Secretary Zhao Guogang, and was monitored by four leaders from HeilongjiangCPC Committee or MOE, i.e. Zhang Yilong, vice minister from OrganizationDepartment of ProvincialCPC Committee, Mu Tong, vice minister fromProvincialMOE and one of MOE CPC Party Group members, Qiu Jie, director of Higher Education Cadre Section of MOE and OrganizationDepartmentof Provincial Higher Education Work Committee, and Yang Lei, director of Cadre Section IV ofOrganizationDepartment of ProvincialCPC Committee.

At the beginning of the meeting, Party Secretary Zhao informed the satisfactory rectification on the problems revealed from2015’s Democratic Meeting forHUSTtop leading group of CPC Committee, and introduced the preparation of this meeting, esp., the details of “The Implementation Plan of2016’s Democratic Meeting forHUSTtop leading group of CPC Committee” formulated byHUSTCPC Committee.

Then Party Secretary Zhao made a self-examination on behalf ofHUSTtop leading group, in accordance with the new “Principles” and “Ordinances” lately issued by CPC Central Committee on her 6th Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Conference. While finding out 13 problems, he explored the underlying causes and reasons and decided the improvement goals and directions.

President Li Dayong and other present HUST leaders, including Lu Yan, Meng Shangjiu, Guo Erjun, Yang Chun, Wang Zhihao, Man Chuntao,Liu Shenghui,Xu Xiangchen and Zhou Changqun,made their own self-examinations in turns, whereas Vice President Fang, who was on leave, referred a written copy of self-examination on the request of meeting. By carrying out self-criticism and criticism with each other sincerely and sternly, everyone felt a profound touch of Party spirit.

At lastVice MinisterZhang andVice Minister Mu concluded the meeting satisfactorily and gave their further instructions respectively.


Vice MinisterZhangdelivering his statement


HUSTtop leaders making criticism and self-criticism


The scene of meeting


Vice Minister Mu concluding the meeting

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