Li Dayong, HUST President and the Alumni Association Chairman Meet with Lü Xilin, Vice-chairman of Beijing Alumni Association

byZhang Jianfeng fromthe Alumni Office

Translated by Tian Xu; edited by Chen Fuming

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On the afternoon of July 17, Li Dayong, president of HUST and the chairman of the Alumni Association met with Lü Xilin, the vice-chairman of Beijing Alumni Association. Those who were present at the meeting were Yang Chun, chairman of school union and the vice-chairman of Alumni Association; Man Chuntao, school office administrator; Zhang Taifu, the secretary of general party branch of the Automation College, Qi Liangqun, the principal of Administration College and Wang Yuqi, the vice-principal of Administration College.

President Li Dayong expressed warm welcome to Lü Xilin delegation for their back to Alma Mater, and at the same time expressed the greetings to all the graduates who work in Beijing. Lü Xilin introduced what they did in helping our university expand the social influence and exchanged the views with teachers concerning the talents cultivation and curriculum planning.

Lü Xilin, who graduated from the foreign trade in 1994, now is the president of Beijing Rui Hua Ying Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. For many years, Lü Xilin has always been supporting the development of our university by donation, offering internship and employment.

Li Dayong (middle) and LüXilin (left)

University leaders, teaching staff and LüXilin

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