HUST Holds 15th Chinese Contest for Overseas Students

byWang Henan fromSchool of International Culture Education

Translated by Wei Xutao; edited by Zhen Yanhua

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On the afternoon of Dec. 4, the15thHUST’s Chinese Contest for Overseas Students was heldin the Lecture Hall on the fifth floor of the Main Teaching Building, West Campus.All leaders and teachers fromSchool of International Culture Education served as judges for170 overseas students from more than ten countries, including South Korea, Russia, Japan, Mongolia,etc, who were dedicating their whole heart and soul on the stage to compete for the first, second and third prizes of junior, intermediate and senior degrees.

There were two types of competitions in the contest, i.e. individual competition and team competition. There were 20 contestants (8 junior ones, 6 intermediate ones and 6 senior ones) took part in the individual competition, or speaking competition, which required them to talk something about their real lives and feelings in China with the accompanying of self-selected music and self-made PPT. The contestants’ fluent Chinese and vivid expression made deep impressions upon the jury and audiences. The team competition took every class as a group. All eleven classes in Schoolof International Culture Educationacted out their self-directed programs completely in good Chinese, which raised the atmosphere of the contest to one peak after another, and the hall was filled with cheers and applause again and again.

In the end, Wu Jingxian, Xu Rong and Katja won the individual champions of junior, intermediate and senior degrees with “Three Women”, “Bargain in Night Fair” and “ A Family of too many Children” respectively, while the team champions of junior degree was shared by Junior Class B (with “Cvetik”) and Junior Class C (with “Princess Wencheng”), and the team champions of senior degrees was shared by Intermediate Class A (with “The Chinese Zodia”) and Senior Class B (with “The Age of Shelved Ladies”).

As a traditional key “repertoire” ofSchool of International Culture Education,Chinese Contest for Overseas Students was firstly held in 2001, which established a wonderful self-presentation platform for overseas students to display their Chinese study achievements and aroused their confidence in “flying dreams from HUST ”successfully.Through taking part in this competition with both knowledge and mood, all foreign contestants enjoyed more happiness of studying Chinese as well as more warmth and friendship among each other.

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