General Secretary Zhao Guogang Inspects and Guides HUST Work

byXu Zhuang fromPropaganda Department

Translated by Kang Xiaoyun Edited by Zhen Yanhua

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On March 2, the first day of the new term, General Secretary Zhao Guogang visited the teaching units and all the departments of HUST. He expressed his greetings and best wishes towards all the faculties, inquiring about the work of the new term and making guidance about the future work. Vice Dean of the School Office Yuan Haibin accompanied him during the visit.

During the visit, Zhao Guogang communicated friendly with the head and staff of each department. He initially inquired about the work and life in the winter vacation, and gave instructions based on the specific situation of each department. Zhao Guogang pointed out that each department is supposed to draw up working plan for the new term and innovated in teaching, talent cultivation, staff construction, discipline construction, scientific research, fruits conversion and party construction. Innovating talents cultivation mode is required to be based on the development and changes in higher education. It is the responsibility of all the departments to cultivate professional talents with scientific and technological characteristic who is capable of serving the local economy. The functional department is demanded to convert and innovate working style so as to improve working efficiency. Teaching auxiliary departments should regard teachers and students as the center of work creating excellent teaching environment.

Zhao Guogang pointed out that 2015 is the last year of the Twelfth Five-year Plan. All the faculties are supposed to adapt to the new condition and practise socialist core values. The faculties are required to love teaching career, conform to the rules and regulations of the Education Ministry and make new progress steadily.

General Secretary Zhao Guogang visiting the departments of HUST

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