Party Secretary Zhao Guogang Inspects and Instructs

byXu Zhuang fromPropaganda Department of Party Committee of HUST

Translated by Xu Lei; edited by Chen Fuming

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On March 2, the first day of the new semester, Party Secretary Zhao Guogang spent the whole day in visiting the teaching units, departments and teaching-assisting units on HUST’s three Campuses, expressing the New Year’s greetings and wishes to the teaching staff who returned to work from the winter holiday, asking about the new-semester work of the units and instructing and deploying the relevant work. The Deputy Director of the School Office Yuan Haibin accompanied him.

During the visit, Party Secretary Zhao Guogang had cordial conversations with the leaders and the staff of the units. Firstly, he asked the staff about the work and life of the winter holiday, learnt about the work of the leaders and staff of the units and study of the students at the beginning of the semester, and associating with the practical work of the departments, he got to know the situation and gave the instructions. Secretary Zhao pointed out that the units should make all the working plans of the new semester, innovate new methods on education and teaching, talents cultivation, teaching staff building, disciplines building, rules and regulations building, scientific research, achievements transformation, Party building, students work and other aspects, and get new achievements on the basis of previous work. All the teaching units should innovate the talents cultivation mode in accordance with the basic rules of higher education and development and changes of the recent years, cultivating the professional talents characterizing in science and technology, so as to serve the industry economy and local economy development. All the functional departments should shift the work style, innovate the work methods and increase the work efficiency. The teaching-assistant and other service departments should be students-and-teachers oriented, improve the quality of service and create comfortable atmosphere and environment for the teaching and education.

Secretary Zhao pointed out that 2015 would be the final year for the “Twelfth Five-Year”, and the leaders and teachers should adapt to the new situation, serve the new trend, adhere to high moral and people-centered education, and practice the socialist core values actively. The leaders of all the levels should be loyal to the Party, honest and upright, and responsible as well. All the teachers should cherish posts and devote wholeheartedly to the work, work hard, and comply with the “Six Bans” and “Red Seven Articles” of the Education Ministry, progressing in the work incessantly. He called upon the whole university to plunge into the work of the new semester with higher enthusiasm, contributing to the further development of the causes of the university.

Party Secretary Zhao Guogang is visiting the units and departments of the university. (I)

Party Secretary Zhao Guogang is visiting the units and departments of the university. (II)

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