HUST’s No-Smoking Proposal

byLiu Chang fromPublicity Department of the Party Committee

Translated by Tian Xu Edited by Chen Fuming

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Honorable teachers and dear students,

It is well known that smoking is harmful to health. There are more than 3,000 kinds of harmful chemical substances, among which nicotine, tar, nitrosamine, carbon monoxide may be carcinogenic. Smoking is not only harmful to health, but also wastes money. What is more, it hurts the friends and students around those who smoke, which disturbs the normal study and living conditions of both teachers and students. At the same time, smoking is also the main reason for fire, which results in many disasters. No-smoking is urgent and everyone is responsible for it.

University is the holy place for us to acquire knowledge and inherit civilization. In order to raise the civilization level on our campus, ensure the health of teachers and students, and create a healthy and no-smoking campus environment, our university propose the following initiatives to all the teaching staff and students:

a. The public areas in all the buildings on campus are no-smoking areas where the no-smoking rules should be followed strictly. Everyone should have a healthy life habit on campus.

b. Teachers and students should accumulate some knowledge about the harm of smoking, in the meanwhile, create a healthy environment for both teachers and students to study and work.

c. Teachers should regulate their own behaviors and do not smoke in the public and in front of students. They should give up smoking and educate students to be away from cigarettes.

d. Students should abide by the non-smoking rules. Students should not smoke in the dormitory, on the campus. Students should form a healthy and civilized habit.

e. All the teaching staff and students should have the knowledge about health, encourage and help those smokers to give up smoking.

For the health of ourselves and others, for the clear and harmonious campus environment, all the teachers and students should follow this proposal and do his best to create a non-smoking campus.

HarbinUniversityof Science and Technology

March 17, 2015

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