Contestants from HUST Win Champion in Speech Contest of 2014 National Russian Competition for College Students

byChang Ying fromSchool of Foreign Languages

Translated by Wu Fei; edited by Zhen Yanhua

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2014 National Russian Competition for College Students was held in Songjiang Campus of Shang International Studies University from 20th, November to 23rd, November. This competition, specially for both undergraduate and postgraduate students major in Russian, is the top-level event for Russian studies in China. It is divided into three groups including the low grade group, the high grade group, and the postgraduate group. The number of contestants allocated to each university is determined by the number of students. Generally, each university can only appoint one students to join in the competition of each group, but one additional student can be appointed to join in one of the three groups if there are more than 200 students in the university. The competition, mainly testing students’smastery of Russian language and culture is divided into three stages, including preliminaries, semi-finals, and finals.

This competition was hosted by the Ministry of Education, and co-organized by Shanghai International Studies University. Altogether 307 contestants from 116 universities nationwide participated in the event. With the great support by the Teaching Affairs Office and School of Foreign Language, HUST appointed 4 teams to take part in three groups of the competition, and finally achieved outstanding results.


Name of contestants


Number of contestants



Low grade group

Ma Heping

Russian Major

Class 13-2


Champion of Speech Contest

High grade group

Li Chang

Russian Major

Class 11-1


The 14thplace of comprehensive competition

Gained the opportunity of studying in Russian for master degree funded by China Scholarship Council

Postgraduate group

Xu Yuwei

Russian Major

Grade 14


The 15thplace of comprehensive competition

Wu Dingding

Tian Yusha from School of Foreign Language led Students to head for the competition attended the 3rdSenior Forum (Advanced Seminar) on Academic Development of Russian Specialty of National Colleges at the same time. Professor Chang Ying is the guiding teacher of the contestants. Besides, Tian Xinxin who is a postgraduate student of Grade 12 has made great contributions to the training for this competition. (Photographed by Tian Yusha)

Leaders and honored guests presenting the prize to the awarded contestants

Tian Yusha attended the 3rdSenior Forum (Advanced Seminar) on Academic Development of Russian Specialty of National Colleges.

Our team participating in the competition

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