HUST Contestants Win 3rd Prize in the Finals of Heilongjiang Division of the 2014 FLTRP Cup National English Writing Contest

byTian Xu fromSchool of Foreign Languages

Translated by Liu Xiuming; edited by Zhen Yanhua

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The Finals of Heilongjiang Division of the 2014 FLTRP Cup National English Writing Contest was held from 9:00 AM to 11:00AMon October 18, in Heihe College in the city of Heihe, Heilongjiang Province. Huang Yu from communication engineering major and Ju Yue from English major of School of Foreign Languages did quite well in the contest and got the 3rdprize after two hours’ hard work. Tian Xu, a teacher from School of Foreign Languages, acted as the team leader, tutor and advisor.

This contest, specially for the college students nationwide, was hosted jointly by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP), College Foreign Language Teaching Guidance Committee of Ministry of Education, College English Major Guidance Committee of Ministry of Education, and Professional Committee of Foreign Language Teaching of Heilongjiang University. In this computer-based contest, contestants were required to accomplish 2 essays of 500 words for each within 2 hours, one of which is the documentary writing and the other is the expository writing. The final scores were the combinations of those made by machine scoring andmanual marking. Thanks for the five hours’ hard work of the specialists and judges, the contestants from our university got the 3rdprize.

After 2 months’ training and several selections by the Language Center of School of Foreign Languages, the two contestants were finally picked up for the contest, which was ably supported by the leaders from Academic Affairs Office,Schoolof Foreign Languages and other offices in HUST. (Photographed by Tian Xu)

A photo of contestants Huang Yu (left) and Ju Yue (right)

Huang Yu’s Certificate

Ju Yue’s Certificate

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