NTU Professor Shen Zexiang Visits HUST

by Anonymous fromAcademy of Science &Engineering

Translated byWei Xutao; edited byChen Fuming

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From Sept. 11 to 13, at the invitation of Professor Chen Minghua from HUST Collaborate Innovation Center for Graphene Application Technology,Professor Shen Zexiang from NTU (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) paid a visit to our university. As the specially-appointed director of HUST Collaborate Innovation Center for Graphene Application Technology, Professor Shen extended a series of scholastic activities during these three days here.

On Sept. 12, HUST Party Secretary Zhao Guogang,President Li Dayong and Vice President Fang Wenbin delivered a ritual reception for Professor Shen, at which his achievements in graphene application technology study were spoken highly of, and he was granted a certificate of Ph.D adviser for HUST’s electric engineering majors by President Li. Professor Chen and HUST’s Director Xi Zhaohui from Office of University Affairs, Director Zhang Fengbin from Postgraduate Department, Director Wu Mingyang from Sci-tech Department, Dean Chen Qingguo from School of Electric and Electronic Engineering, Director Duan Hongwei and Vice Director Han Yubofrom Academy of Science & Engineering, and Professor Yin Jinghua from School of Science, participated in the talks at this reception,too.

On Sept. 13, Professor Shen visited newly-established HUST Collaborate Innovation Center for Graphene Application Technology, and made an excellent academic report for School of Electric and Electronic Engineering, which inspired a lot to teachers and students there.

Professor Shen is now working as dean of School of Interdisciplinary Postgraduates in HTU as well as Chairman of Singapore-sino Sci-tech Exchange Promoting Society, etc. By cooperating with Geim and Novoselov, two Nobel Prize winners for discovering graphene, Professor Shen achieved a lot in graphene research, with more than 400 papers published in world top journals like “Nature”, “Physical Review Letters”,etc, and participating in 10 national projects of Singapore. His citations per Paper has passed 25,000, with H-factor of 75, which qualifies him to be among the editorial board members of quite a few authoritative journals, and his graphene research group won many national awards for her outcomes at the forefront of the world. At present, Professor Shen is devoting to graphene application technology in energy storage, by cooperating with the most famous international enterprises, such as Johnson Matthey (Britain), Elbit (Israel), Thales (France) and CASA (China Aerospace &Technology Corp), and so on, as well as actively initiating and promoting international co-operations among top institutions and universities.


Party Secretary Zhao delivering his speech at the reception


President Li delivering his speech at the reception


Vice President Fang delivering his speech at the reception


Professor Shen delivering his speech at the reception


The scene of the reception


President Li granting Ph.D adviser’s certificate to Professor Shen


All attendees taking photos at the reception


Professor Shen (left) visiting HUST Collaborate Innovation Center

for Graphene Application Technology accompanied by Professor Chen


Professor Shen making his academic report

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