​HUST Delegate Attends the 12thIFOST in Korea

by Liu Xiaodong fromInternational Cooperation Department

Translated by Kang Xiaoyun; edited by Chen Fuming

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From May 30 to June 3, invited by the 12thInternational Forum on Strategic Technology (the 12thIFOST), HUST delegate attended the forum held in the University of Ulson. The delegate visited the host school, communicated with the faculty of the member school, and exchanged idea on the cooperation in education and scientific research.

IFOST is the international forum held by Korean University of Ulson, Russian Tomsk Industrial University, Russian New Siberian National Technical University, Harbin University of Science and Technology and Mongolia University of Technology. The forum is not only the international academic conference but also the platform of communication between academe and policy makers.

All the members are along the “One belt one road”, which is in line with our country’s development strategy. Joining the forum broadens the horizon of the faculty and students, enhances communication and cooperation among members and lays solid foundation for the development of HUST.

The 12thIFOST calls for papers on “new material and nanotechnology, information and communication technology, mechanic engineering, robot and automation, electric power engineering, recyclable resource, ecological engineering, civil engineering and applied engineering. ” Experts from China, Russia, America, Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and India are divided into six groups according to their research orientation. They communicated relevant research results through oral and posted report.

On the opening ceremony, the director of International Cooperation Department of HUST Xi Zhaohui addressed the conference on behalf of HUST. 17 papers of HUST were adopted by the forum; Prof. Weng Ling of Material Science and Engineering School received excellent paper award. Teachers attending the forum agreed that through the forum they broadened their horizon and got in touch with the frontier of the field.

Taking photos

The director of International Cooperation Department of HUST Xi Zhaohui addressing the conference

IFOST members taking photos

HUST participants delivering oral reports

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