Hundreds of Matters Handled through Network; New Business Card Added to Smart Campus

Hundreds ofMattersHandledthroughNetwork;NewBusinessCardAdded toSmartCampus

---The online service hall ofHUSTofficially launched

Author: Li Bo  Translated byFu Kaiqi;Edited by Xu Dan, PangBaokun

After nearly eight months of preparation, multiple rounds of testing and continuous optimization, our online service hall was officially launched on November 1st.Its purpose is to deliver higher quality informationservices, accelerate the construction of smart campus, make active efforts to improvethe information service ability, meet teachers and students’demands of information portal, service hall and comprehensive services ofadministrative office,thuspromotingthe continuous optimization of school service and management process.

Our school’s online service hallis an integrated service platform, equipped with such services asthe home page, service center, information center, schedule center, personal center and application center. Up to now, 167 school-wide service guides have been supported, and 100 online servicemattershave been completed. The synchronization between computers and mobile phones has been realized, and application systems such as Card System, OA system, Asset System, Scientific Research System, Postgraduate System and Station Group System have been integrated. Teachers and students can log in to each system at any time and anywhere. The announcement information of 30 departments has been collected and displayed to realize the real-timepublishingof latestnews feedsin the school.

Asone of the key tasks of the school in 2022, the online service hall was launched in March this year. In the process of construction, Modern Educational Technology Centerwas responsible forimplementingthe project construction tasks. All units in the school actively sorted out all the service items of their departments, formulatedservice guides, designed online services, and strived to build a new pattern of “strengthening digital information support and improving the level of smartsupport”. Guidedby the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Construction of Smart Campus” , our school’s informatization construction has entered a new stage of comprehensive and rapid development. As one of the important achievements in the construction of smart campus during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the online service hall will accurately meet the needs of teachers and students, continuously improve the efficiency of management services. All of these willlay a solid foundation for the construction of smart campus, andimprovethe quality and efficiency of school informatization construction.

The construction of online service hall is a long-term project.The service contentwill be refinedand the service processwill beimprovedaccording to the needs and experiences of teachers and students. In the next step, our school will speed up the construction of a smart campus with the characteristics of science and technology, take informatization as the strategic propellersof school development and “Double-First-Class” construction, lead the modernization of education with educational informatization, and promote the high-quality development of all school undertakings with educational informatization.

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