Alumni Donating Disinfection Equipment in Support of the Epidemic Prevention and Control in HUST

By Huang Tao   Editor in Charge: Recruitment and Employment Department

From Recruitment and Employment Department

Translated By Guan Ning;    English Editor: Ma Yanhui

Donations from alumni help to weather the tough times during the epidemic. Since the breakout of Covid-19, many alumni, together with their enterprise staff, have been concerning and supporting the epidemic prevention and control work in HUST. As our strong backup force, they have so far donated 7 batches of epidemic prevention materials to HUST. Recently, on behalf of the co-founders of Shanghai Hujing New Material and Technology CO.,LTD., alumnus Yang Shidong (admitted to Department of Technical Physics in 1987) has signed a donation agreement with the Education Development Foundation of HUST and has donated 2 air disinfectors and 600 boxes of air distinction cards (both with the Trademark Hujing) with a total value of 67,000 RMB; the aim is to increase the emergent service efficiency of epidemic prevention and ensure the health and safety of the faculty and students when they come back to HUST.

On the morning of May 26th, alumnus Yang Shidong entrusted alumnus Li Changjun (admitted to Department of Computer Science in 1983) with the transportation of the materials to HUST. HUST deputy secretary of the party committee Lu Yan, vice president Guo Erjun, and representatives from Admission and Employment Office, Student Affair Office, State-owned Assets Management Office and General Alumni Association were present in the donation ceremony for the acceptance of the donated materials and Lu Yan issued Donation Certificate to the alumni enterprise. After that, the two parties carried out more communication in terms of the function and usage of the materials, as well as the coming 70th anniversary of HUST. After the donation ceremony, on behalf of HUST, party secretary of HUST Zhang Hongtao, accompanied by Xi Zhaohui, director of the University Office, received alumnus Li Changjun and expressed sincere thanks to alumnus Yang Shidong for his deep affection for HUST and his sense of social responsibility.

Shanghai Hujing New Material and Technology CO.,LTD. is committed to the technological development, consultation and service of new material technology, medical technology, health technology, environmental protection technology, electronic technology, and testing technology. Together with Shanghai Jinglian Technology Center, it has set up a research center in Shanghai. After years of tackling hard-nut problems in science and technology, the company has developed a new type of solid air purification material, and based on that, the company has produced new air sterilization and disinfection materials and methanolysis materials, which can make use of oxidizing species and active particles produced by themselves to rapidly destroy and kill the protein enzyme of pathogenic microorganism such as bacteria, virus and fungus, and cause no harm to people, animals and plants. The main products of the company include in-door degerming health care machines, air disinfectors, disinfection material packages, formaldehyde elimination purifiers and formaldehyde elimination material packages. All of the products have obtained CMA certificates. According to the testing results of the authoritative agent approved by the country, within a sealed laboratory chamber of 30 cubic meters, it takes only 60 grams disinfection materials and about 30 minutes to reach an average sterilizing rate of 99.98%.

Photography by Xu Zhuang

HUST Party Secretary Zhang Hongtao Meeting Alumnus Delegation

HUST Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Lu Yan issuing Donation Certificate to the Alumni Enterprise.

Donation Ceremony

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