Actively Promoting Work in Spite of the influence of New Coronavirus Tackling History-left Issue

From : Publicity Department of Party Committee

Translated By Cao Fei;    English Editor: Pang Baokun

On April 21st 2020, the Enforcement Bureau of Nangang District Court made compulsory enforcement about the basement of the HUST stadium as well as areas that are occupied by “the shopping mall of Xuefusandao Road” for a long time, and returned them to HUST; on April 30th, the Enforcement Bureau of Nangang District Court demolished the illegal construction on the west of the stadium , so far, this haunting history-left issue has been tackled completely.

Since the completion of HUST sports center in 2009, HUST leased part of the center which covers 11000 square meters to businessmen to build a mall called “shopping mall of Xuefusandao Road”. Unfortunately, due to the capital supply problems, the shopping mall did not open until now. In 2013, according to the court, both parties terminated the contract. However, the leased part has still been occupied for years. The illegal business operation has severely weakened the reputation and broken the peace of our campus, which gained huge attention from the whole faculty, and has become a history-left issue with great complaints.

The Party committee of HUST has paid great attention to this problem, and worked its way to regain the illegally-occupied areas with strong will and enormous courage. The leaders made sufficient coordination and communication with government departments and successfully regained the areas through the unswerving efforts .

During the execution, the working group worked actively with the Enforcement Bureau, based on legal procedures, after counting and maintaining evidence, demolished the illegal construction.

At last, the secretary of HUST party committee Zhang Hongtao , vice president Liu Xia made field research and approved the work of each department. They pointed out, each department solved the history-left problem based on the law and regulations with the spirit of “gnawing hard bones with steel bones”, and maintained the legal rights of HUST.  

The leaders listening to the report of executive workers

President Zhao Lin on site

Vice president Liu Xia on site

The working group are counting based on laws and regulations

The working group are removing the occupied objects and lock them down

The demolition site

Group photo of leaders of HUST and working group members

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