Team of "Detection Technology and Automation Devices" from School of Automation Approved New Team of Provincial Leading Talents

By: anonymous Executive Editor: Cheng Fangzhe

Translated by: Xu Dan   Edited by: Ma Yanhui

On May 28, Heilongjiang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced new teams of provincial leading talents in 2019. After the recommendation of the supervising departments, expert review, publicity, filing by the provincial group for talent work, and approval by the provincial government, the "Detection Technology and Automation Devices" team was approved as the new team of provincial leading talents, with Professor Xu Jiazhong of the School of Automation as the academic leader, Associate Professor Xie Wenbo and Associate Professor Deng Liwei as reserve leaders. Until now, the School of Automation has two provincial leading talent teams: "Control Theory and Control Engineering" and "Detection Technology and Automation Devices".

The team is composed of one award-winner of "Outstanding Youth of Truth-Seeking" of China Association for Science and Technology, two experts receiving special government allowances of the State Council and one provincial excellent youth. Through the construction of talent teams,  leaders and elites in new fields and new directions in the discipline of Detection Technology and Automation Devices in our province are cultivated, joining in national and provincial high-level talent projects, and forming a talent highland for basic research, application research and technological development of Detection Technology and Automation Devices discipline.

The first-level discipline of Control Science and Engineering has formed four disciplinary areas with distinct features and competitive edges: Control Theory and Control Engineering, Robot and Intelligent Control, Detection Technology and Automation Devices, and Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System. It is geared towards the needs of the nation and national defense. With the support of various scientific research projects undertaken by the team, it has carried out strategic and far-sighted research and development of core technology in key industries, and of high-tech industrialization and industrial structure optimization and upgrading. A series of achievements have been made, including robot control and system integration, medical image processing and precision medicine, intelligent control and application of complex system, research and development of intelligent industrial equipment, function projection synchronization theory and application.

The construction of provincial leading talent teams, which are selected once a year, is one of the key tasks of the Heilongjiang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. The selection is aimed at thoroughly implementing the talent development guidelines of "development-oriented, talent priority, skills-focused, mechanism innovation, high-end talents guidance, overall development". Scientific and technological innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements are promoted, and the construction of professional and technical personnel is accelerated. Furthermore, professional and technical leading talent teams with outstanding talents, reasonable layout, optimized structure, excellent quality and innovative ability are built and cultivated, which give full play to the important role of talent teams in economic and social development, thus promoting the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of talent teams at all levels in the province, and providing talent intelligence guarantee for the economic and social development of the province. 19 organizations and 19 talent teams have been selected and approved for inclusion in the new provincial leading talent team in 2019.

In recent years, HUST has attached great importance to the construction of provincial leading talent teams. The Science and Technology Department and Personnel Department are in close contact with Heilongjiang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to build favorable platforms, giving full play to the significant role of the leading talent teams, and striving to contribute to the economic construction and social development of Heilongjiang Province.

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