HUST Won Provincial Military Theory Teaching Awards

From: School of Marxism

Translated by: Wei Xutao          Edited by: Liu Xiuming

On November 21, the Awarding Ceremony of Provincial Military Theory Teaching Contest for General Institutes of Higher & Senior Secondary Educations was held in Bayi Hotel, Heilongjiang Military Area Command. Liu Chang and Wang Wentao, the two HUST’s competitors, were awarded one first prize and one second prize individually.

The Contest, running from November 19 to 21, was jointly hosted by Provincial MOE and Provincial Military Area Command’s Warfare Construction Bureau of Heilongjiang, aiming at checking the outcomes of implementing the guiding ideology of corresponding documents issued by General Office of State Council as well as General Office of Central Military Commission, carrying out the new teaching syllabus of Military Education curriculum for colleges & universities, enhancing the cultivation of military trainers with high comprehensive qualification & skills, and thoroughly promoting development of student’s military training, in Heilongjiang Province.

Besides all colleges and universities of our province, some high schools also sent representatives to participate in this Contest.

Liu and Wang are both teachers from HUST’s School of Marxism. In the Contest, they showed excellent teaching techniques and outstanding spirituality.

A Leader from Military Training Office of Provincial Military Area Command attended the Awarding Ceremony and delivered the concluding speech, in which HUST’s student military training work was repeatedly spoken highly of.

Teacher Liu in Competition

Teacher Wang in Competition

Scene of Awarding Ceremony

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