Fire Emergency Drills Carried out for Freshmen in HUST

Translated by:Wei Xutao Edited by:Liu Xiuming

On the afternoon of September 18, some firefighters from Harbin Municipal Fire Brigade (Nangang District Branch) were invited to HUST to carry out fire emergency drills there.

HUST Vice President Fang Wenbin attended the drills asGeneralCommander, who, at 13:30, announced the drill to start.All HUST’s freshmen of 2019, as well as the staff of her Security Department and Dormitory Management Center, all student security supervisors and security guards from Mingde Property, her property management company, participated inthedrillsof fire evacuation and escape, which were hosted by Zhang Luyang,ViceDirector of HUST Security Department.

The 4th Student’s Dormitory in West Campus and the 2nd Teaching Building in South Campus werechosenindividually as the spots for simulated occurrence of fire, both of which are typical people-intensive sites. The drill is made up ofexercises of fumigating devices, alarming sirens, calling 119, starting emergency plan, fighting initial fire, organizing fleeing and evacuation, putting out fire, high altitude rescue, and so on. Guided by present security working stuff members, every freshman practiced wonderfully and successfully.

Before the beginning of this drill, all freshmen watched a documentary on fire safety and were taught a lecture on fire emergency knowledge by Drillmaster Yang Baohua from Haxi (West Harbin) Squadron. Some of them even practiced the operation of fire extinguishers, with the help of firefights on the drilling sites.

After the drill, Fan Hongtao, the director of HUST Security Department made a conclusion. He spoke highly of the contribution made by all fire fighters presented, stressed the significance of fire safety education, and suggested all students to remember this day so as to serve more for the purpose of establishing a more peaceful and harmonious campus.

As a link of the HUST CPC Committee’s education campaign themed “staying true to our founding mission”, the drill gained supports from her Department of Students’ Affairs, CYL Committee and School of Marxism, addingglamor to PRC’s 70th Anniversary Celebration.

Vice President Fang (the one in red coat) announcing the startof thedrill

Simulated occurrence of fire in student’s dormitory

Fire fightersrushing intothe flaming dormitory

Evacuationin progress orderly

Fire fighters operating high altitude rescue

Drillmaster Yang teaching a lecture on fire emergency

Fire fightersshowing how to operatefire extinguishers

ViceDirector Zhang hosting the drill

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