Two New Majors in HUST Got Approval from MOE

By:Li ShanqiangExecutive Editor:Wang Yangang

From:Educational Administration Department

Translated by:Xu DanEdited by:Ma Yanhui

Recently, Ministry of Education(MOE) announced Notification on Publishing the Results of the Recording and Approval of Undergraduate Majors in Colleges and Universities in 2018.Two majors applied by HUST, Robotics Engineering and Data Science and Big Data Technology, got approval from MOE.

Both majors aim at cultivating applied engineering talents. Robotics Engineering focuses on engineering design, development, and application of various types of robotic systems. Data Science and Big Data Technology is geared towards satisfying the needs of economic and social development as well as the development of big data industry.

In recent years, by emphasizing the distinctive features of industries and majors, HUST strives to fulfill the needs of national strategy, industry development and regional economy, promoting emerging engineering education. Following the principles ofClear Objectives, Advantageous Disciplines, Paramount Social Needs,HUST puts social needs and students’all-round development at the top of the agenda, supporting the set-up and development of emerging majors. Based on core disciplines and majors as well as national criteria of undergraduate education quality, HUST continues to develop its majors and has set up emerging engineering majors, including Robotics Engineering, Data Science and Big Data Technology, Energy Materials and Devices, which meet the needs of national development.

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