HUSTers Winning Prizes in the National Software and Information Technology Professional Talent Contest

By:Yu BoFrom:School of Software and Microelectronics

Translated by:Guan NingEdited by:Ma Yanhui

On March 24th, the 10th“Lanqiao Cup”National Software and Information Technology Professional Talent Contest (Heilongjiang Provincial Sub-Contest, Software Branch) was held successfully in HUST. Hosted by Talent Exchange Center Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,P.R.C., the Contest was sponsored and organized by the Teaching Affairs Department and School of Software and Microelectronics of HUST. 451 of the HUST contestants attended the Software Branch Contest, who were from School of Software and Microelectronics, School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Automation, School of Economics and Management and School of Measurement and Control Technology & Communication Engineering, while the other 101 HUST contestants were in the Electronics Branch Contest. Competing in the individual event were over 60,000 contestants from 1200 universities and colleges of 31 provinces and municipalities in China.

Most of the HUSTers were in the group A(mainly for“211”and“985”universities) contest, competing with students from Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin Engineering University, Northeast Forestry University, and Northeast Agricultural University and got impressive results. HUSTers have won altogether 238 prizes in the group A of Software Branch Contest: there were 25 first prizes (Heilongjiang contestants won 74 prizes in total: HIT won 20 prizes, HEU 15 prizes, NEFU 11 prizes, NEAU 2 prizes and NEPU 1 prize.), 74 second prizes and 139 third prizes. At the same time, HUSTers won 64 prizes in the Electronics Branch Contest: 15 first prizes (Heilongjiang contestants won 23 prizes in total), 29 second prizes, and 20 third prizes. Among others, Zhou Hongbin (his coach is professor Gao Junfeng) from class 16-4 of IC Design and Integrated System Department ranked first in“SCM Design and Development Group”in Heilongjiang provincial contest, and it was the first time for HUSTers to win this special honor; Zhou Weixing (his coach is professor Liu Hongtu) from class 16-4 of Computer Science and Technology Department ranked six in“C/C++ Program Design College Group A”in Heilongjiang provincial contest. Zhang Chengyou (his coach is professor Yu Bo)from class 16-3 of Software Engineering Department ranked first in“C/C++ Program Design College Group B”. Because of the impressive competition results and outstanding organization work, HUST was honored“University of Excellence”and“Excellent Organization Prize(Software Branch/ Electronics Branch)”.

In the past three years, motivated by Engineering Education Accreditation, HUST has maintained its university-running characteristic, established the teaching concept of“student-centered, output-oriented and continuous improvement”, emphasized the construction of inner quality and the enhancement of educational quality, encouraged students to participate activities featuring technological innovation and continuously promoted the quality of talent cultivation. With the support from the Teaching Affairs Department, School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Measurement and Control Technology & Communication Engineering and Modern Education and Technology Center and the instruction from leaders of School of Software and Microelectronics, professors Yu Bo, Gao Junfeng, Jiang Yudong, Cui Jianlei, Yu Liyang, Wang Yao and Guo Baopeng have overcome the difficulties arising from campuses locating in different cities, established the internet environment, arranged the labs for contest, and frequently worked overtime to set and test the software and hardware of the contest rooms; it was their concerted efforts that lead to the smooth process of the contest. Before the contest, the coaches have instructed the students meticulously from different aspects such as stressing the rules, the question types, the Do’s and Don’ts and the programming environment, explaining the past exam papers and organizing mock exams. HUST has held this contest for 5 years on end, which helped to enlarge our influence and led to the recognition to us in the field of software and information technology design contest. The contest makes an innovative teaching practice forum for cultivating high quality and inter-disciplinary“new engineering majors”talents with strong ability of engineering practice and innovation.

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