The Awarding Ceremony for 2018Cuncao Scholarship and Foshan Alumni Self-Reliance Scholarship Held in HUST


By:Wang Lili From:Alumni Office

Translated by:Guan Ning Edited by:Ma Yanhui

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On the afternoon of December 27th, the awarding ceremony for 2018CuncaoScholarship and FoshanAlumni Self-Reliance Scholarship was held in No.2 Conference Room of the main building. Present at the ceremony were Liu Shenghui, (HUST Vice-President), Liu Boli, (sponsor of Cuncaoscholarship; Secretary-General of HUST Shenzhen Alumni Association; enrolled in the major of Japanese for Science and Technology in 1988), Liu Jun (counselor of HUST General Alumni Association; full-time trustee of Educational Development Foundation), Zhang Dianlong, (Secretary of the Party Committee in the School of Computer Science), Yang Fang (Vice-Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Dean of School of Mechanical & Power Engineering), Liu Ji, (Vice Dean of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Xu Yan, (Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Dean of School of Automation), Yang Mingji (Vice Dean of School of Measurement & Control Technology and Communication Engineering) and Zhou Xiaoli, (vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Dean of School of Foreign Languages). The ceremony was hosted by Dong Chuanyou, Director of Alumni Office and Secretory General of Educational Development Foundation.

On the prelude of the awarding ceremony, Dong Chuanyou made an introduction to the establishment of the two kinds of scholarship and the grantee selecting procedures and results; leaders from different schools introduced the information of grantees respectively. In his speech, Liu Boli expressed his gratitude to Alma Mater HUST and his professors in the past for the training and enlightenment he got here; as the initiator ofCuncaoscholarship, he would continuously help and support the students’growth and progress in the Japanese major; in future he would like to strengthen ties and promote exchanges and cooperation in talent cultivation and students’employment with Alma Mater HUST.

On the ceremony, on behalf of the university, Vice President Liu Shenghui extended welcome to the special presence of alumnus Liu Boli, expressed thanks to him and the alumni of Foshan Alumni Association for their concern for and generous sponsorship to Alma Mater HUST and congratulated the grantees; he encouraged them to sustain and pass down the spirit ofCuncaoScholarship andFoshanAlumni Self-reliancescholarship, emulate the excellent alumni, be grateful, cherish the special honor, live up to the cultivation of HUST and the expectations of alumni with practical actions; at last, he wished everyone healthy and everything going smoothly in the new year.

After the ceremony, all the leaders, professors and grantees took photos together.

Cuncao(derived from a Chinese verse:“谁言寸草心,报得三春晖”, it literally means the warmth from the spring light cannot be repaid by the inch-long grass and figuratively it means the great love from mother can never be repaid by a child) scholarship was initiated by alumnus Liu Boli, who enrolled in the major of Japanese for Science and Technology in 1988. Every year, a total of 20,000 RMB yuan stipend is granted to 4 students of Japanese major, with 5,000 RMB yuan for each.

Established by several caring alumni from Foshan Alumni Association,FoshanAlumni Self-reliancescholarship has sustained the spirit of Alumni Self-Reliance Scholarship and aims to reward academically excellent and self-reliant model students whose families are facing financial difficulties. The total sum of 50,000 RMB yuan stipend is evenly distributed to sponsor 10 students, with 5,000 RMB yuan for each. According to the regulations of the alumni, the grantees are chosen from the undergraduates from School of Computer Science, School of Mechanical & Power Engineering, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Automation and School of Measurement & Control Technology and Communication Engineering.

The evaluation and selection of the grantees for the two kinds of scholarship started from November 11th: From November 11thto 14th, the students (sophomores, juniors and seniors) who thought themselves to be eligible were asked to submit their application forms; From November 17thto 19th,the applicantswere strictly verified by the members of theevaluation teamin related schools in accordance with the requirements for academic performance and morality. On December 20th, theeligibilities of the students nominated by different schools were further verified by the Educational Development Foundation and from December 21stto 24th, a list of grantees was notified publicly. After nearly a month’s verification and notification, Liu Chengzhi and other 9 students were selected as the grantees for theFoshanAlumni Self-RelianceScholarship and Sun Yue and other 3 students were granted theCuncaoScholarship, who are all excellent and positive student models.


Vice-President Liu Shenghuiwas delivering a speech on the awarding ceremony.

Alumnus Liu Boli was addressing on the ceremony.

Grantees for theCuncaoScholarship were awarded

Grantees fortheFoshanAlumni Self-RelianceScholarshipwere awarded

A photo of HUST leaders, alumni and grantees

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