Inauguration Ceremony for Compaks Recreational Vehicles Research Center and Innovation and Entrepreneur Laboratory Held in HUST Rongcheng Campus

By:Zhang Wei

Translated by:Cao Fei Edited by:Ma Yanhui

Time:2018-12-16 Click:512

In assistance to the academic construction of the“Double First–class”, in hopes of promoting a rapid shift of kinetic energy from old to new as a key project, deepening the cooperation of the University and the Enterprise and pushing the rapid development of Recreational Vehicle(RV) industry in Rongcheng city, Shandong province, an inauguration ceremony for“HUST Rongcheng Campus—Compaks Recreational Vehicles Research Center”,“Department of Mechanical Engineering of Rongcheng Campus—Compaks RV Innovation and Entrepreneur Laboratory”andthe 1st Session of Compaks Contest of CAD Skills Awarding Ceremonywere held onthe morning of December 25th, 2018inRoom 405,No.1 Laboratory BuildingofHUST Rongcheng Campus.The ceremony was attended by Liu Qiang, deputy director general of Economy and Information Technology Bureau, Wang Xin, a group member of Partycommissionof technology bureauandDirector of the Center for General Technology Transformation, Wang Weiyuan, Board of directors and the general manager of Compaks New Energy Vehicles Ltd., Liu Shanxun and Xu Bingwu, Vice Mangers, Liu Chunwen, General of Administration Department, Wang Chuanjie, General of Product Development Department, Lian Haiyun, General of Communication Department, Xu Xiangchen, Member of standing committee of HUST as well as Chairman of Labor Union and Dean of Rongcheng Campus, Du Ye, Vice Dean of Rongcheng Campus, Wang Zhongwen, Dean of Mechanical Engineering Department and Jiao Wei, Vice Dean of Technology and Research Office. The ceremony was presided by Wang Kun, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Vice Dean of Rongcheng Campus.

Xu Xiangchen delivered the opening speech on behalf of Rongcheng Campus. After a warmwelcometo the guests and sincere thanks to Compaks New Energy Vehicles Ltd. for their support to RV research center as well as the innovation and entrepreneur laboratory, Xu expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the students who had wonderful performances in“Compaks contest of CAD skills”. He said that vehicle and mechanical industry was one of the three leading industries of Rongcheng city, both Party Committee of Rongcheng city and themunicipal governmentattached great emphases to RV development, and they put it on the 13th Five-Year plan list.They hoped that researchers on both parties should make deepresearchin terms of“optimizingstructure, intelligence control, new materials new crafts”, and they can make breakthroughs in key technology which limit RV development, also they can feature their own research and gain an array ofresearchproducts that are helpful for innovation.It is hoped that they can respond to the China (Weihai) innovation center construction under the principle of government guidance, resourcesintegration, shared constructionandradiation, by strengthening the research team and expanding the horizon, they can lay a solid basis to set up RV institute.

On behalf of Compaks New Energy Vehicles Ltd., Wang Weiyuan addressed the speech. He expressed warm congratulations to the inauguration of RV research center and innovation and entrepreneur laboratory.He said the main business of their company is toresearchand develop, and to produce cross-country self-driving RV and cross-country trailer RV, together with specialized parts of RV and refitting the special-purpose vehicles.They cover a full range of the whole production chain including product design, material development, producing parts, assembling vehicles, after-sale service and so on.Since 2016, the company has ranked first in the export of Chinese cross-country vehicles for three consecutive years.In June 2018, the company was the first listed company in RV industry, and it is also the demonstration pilot of massive order of Haier Cosmoplat.He sincerely hoped that the two parties could have more understandings about the system, make more communication and be timely concerned about RV development. With the help of“mass data”,“Internet+”, the company can upgrade smoothly.Also, he hoped the students could bediligentenough to research and bold enough to innovate, they could discipline themselves and combine what they learn with products.

Subsequently, Xu Xiangchen and Wang Weiyuan together unveiled the plaque of“HUST Rongcheng Campus—Compaks Recreational Vehicles Research Center”, “Department of Mechanical Engineering of Rongcheng Campus—Compaks RV Innovation and Entrepreneur Laboratory”. Dean of Mechanical Engineering Department introduced“Compaks Contest of CAD skills”and announced publicly the winners’names. Leaders and guests awarded the students.

Lang Jianzhi who made a speech on behalf of the prizewinning students thanked Compaks New Energy Vehicles Ltd. and the college for providing such a platform to show their skills, with which they can combine theory with practice and solidify what they learn in their major, he also thanked the guide teachers in the department and the laboratory.He believed no pains, no gains, by participating in the contest, he realized his shortage to satisfy the practical working needs, and he knew clearly the way ahead to strive . He expected that more products could be gained through the cooperation and more innovative talents could be cultivated.

Finally, the guests took a group photo with the prizewinning students.

The ceremony in progress

The plaque-unveilingceremony

Xu Xiangchen, Chairman of Labor Union and Dean of Rongcheng Campus, is delivering the opening speech.

Wang Kun, Vice Secretary of Party Committee and Vice Dean of Rongcheng Campus, is presiding theceremony.

Wang Zhongwen , Dean of Mechanical Engineering Department, is announcing the winners’names

Aphoto of leaders, guests and prize winners

Leadersand guests arevisitingthe innovation and entrepreneur laboratory

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