HUSTers Winning Prizes in the 10thNational College Students’ Contest of Advertising Art

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Translated By Guan Ning; English Editor:Ma Yanhui

Time: 2018-11-27 10:57 Click: 869On November 24th, the award ceremony for the 10th National College Students’ Contest of Advertising Art was held in the CPPCC auditorium, where thousands of distinguished guests, winning coaches and students gathered together to witness this grand moment. In this contest, HUSTers harvested altogether 7 satisfactory prizes: one first and one second and five excellent prizes.

Wang Gewei’s workOIWAS-Black Holewon the national first prize of the interactive ads, and his coaches were professors Su Danhua and Wang Linlin; Sun Jialu’s workWanderingwon the national second prize of the print ads, and her coach was professor Wang Yang; Li Qin’s, Fang Hui and Liu Yuxin’s works (coached by professor Li Xin), Fang Yan’s work (coached by professor Song Guoqiu), and Wang Ziwei’s work (coached by professor Su Danhua) won four national excellent prizes of the print ads; while Liu Yujian and Wang Ziwei’s work (coached by professors Su Danhua and Liu Xiaoqi) won one national excellent prize of the interactive ads.

As one of the A-level contests, the National College Students’ Contest of Advertising Art is a national contest of liberal arts hosted by the Chinese Association of Higher Education, the Teaching Guiding Committee for College News Communications Majors under the Ministry of Education, organized by the Organizing Committee of the National College Students’ Contest of Advertising Art and undertaken by Communication University of China. The Contest is for its large scale, massive coverage of colleges, large amount of contestants, and high quality works. There were 29 competing regions covering 1449 colleges in the 10thContest; after a preliminary review by each college, 251, 656 groups of works (about 500,000 pieces) were presented to each region. The final winning works were nailed down after the procedures of provincial review, national review and online publication.

The Contest not only provides a forum for the cooperative work of cultivating talents among different colleges, enterprises and industries, but also promotes the integration of professional, quality and employment education; it also plays a crucial role in expanding the influence of advertising art education and enhancing the profundity of practical education.

Li Zhihong, vice president of Quality Guarantee and Evaluation Association for the National Higher Education and Yan Zhijian, deputy chief editor of China Higher Education Press awarded the first prize winners of interactive and broadcasting ads. (Huster Wang Gewei was among them.)

Certificate and Trophy for the First Prize

Husters at the CPPCC Auditorium

the CPPCC Auditorium

Wang Gewei Winning the First PrizeThe Awarding Ceremony in the CPPCC Auditorium

The Distinguished Guests at the Ceremony

The Exhibition for the Winning Works in the Contest


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