Good News! Russian Major Student Li Siqi Winning Second Prize in 2018 CGTN Sino-Russian Language Contest

TranslatedBy Guan Ning; English Editor:Ma Yanhui

During the 2018 CGTN(China Global Television Network) Sino-Russian Language Contest (ended on September 3rd), despite the fierce competition, our student Li Siqi, a senior majoring in Russian, has won the second prize as the spokeswoman for Harbin.The contest is one of the series of activities held in the“Sino-Russian Year of Regional Cooperation and Exchanges”. 22 Chinese cities made it to the preliminary after the mass election, 18 to the semi-final and 7 to the final: Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Suifenhe, Tongjiang, Harbin, Shenyang and Changsha (ranked in the Russian alphabetical order). During this contest which has lasted for almost 2 months, with her presence of mind and impressive command of Russian, Li siqi introduced Harbin to the Russian world and became an excellent spokeswoman for Harbin.Our congratulations also go to Wang Liwen, who won the third prize as the spokeswoman for Shenyang, for she’s also a HUSTer, an excellent alumna in HUST between 2005-2009.We are proud to see two HUSTers, both majoring in Russian, competed on the same stage and both won good results.

The fact that Russian major students have won prizes of different levels in recent years shows that our sustainable efforts in cultivating application-oriented talents within a university featuring science and technology have really worked, and with the support and help from different departments of our university, School of Foreign Languages is not alone in this effort; we will continuously contribute to the construction of“Double First-rate”university.

Zhao Guocheng, vice director-general of Confucius Institute headquarters and vice director of Chinese Language Council International(Hanban)office, presented the prizes to all thecontestants.

Li Siqi (the third one on the left) in the Contest

Li Siqi and Wang Liwen(first one on the right) took a photo with the judges.

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