HUST Receives Award of Outstanding Group of 2017-2018 Heilongjiang Education Television Work

By:Anonymous Executive Editor:Wu Hongwei

Translated by:Xu Dan Edited by:Ma Yanhui

Date: 2018-05-14 10:21:41 Click: 1721

May 11, 2018 saw the successful opening of Chairman Enlarged Meeting of Heilongjiang Education Television Association and its 10thfounding anniversary. The conference, which was held in Harbin, centered on the theme of “boosting national rejuvenation through science and technology, adding a new chapter to education television”. Present at the meeting were over 70 relevant leaders and teachers from more than 30 provincial universities, colleges, education televisions, and other member institutions. Director Yang Xuemin from HUST Modern Educational Technology Center, together with director Qu Xixi from Media Production Department and teacher Geng Hongjie, attended the meeting.

During the meeting, summary and review of past 10 years work of the Heilongjiang Education Television Association was read out, outstanding groups and individuals of the education television work in Heilongjiang Province in 2017-2018 were awarded, and Specialized Committee of Digital Image was set up. Arrangements were made about the selection of 10thexcellent education TV programs and about 2018 Heilongjiang university students Network Culture Festival and the 6thHeilongjiang university students DV contest and other related work. After the meeting, tree planting and hiking activities were carried out.

The conference presented medals and certificates to outstanding groups and individuals. HUST was awarded outstanding group of education television work in Heilongjiang province in 2017-2018. Qu Xixi, director of Media Production Department of Modern Educational Technology Center, and retired teacher Zhang Wei, were respectively awarded 2017-2018 outstanding individual and Lifelong Achievement Award of Heilongjiang Education Television Association. Geng Hongjie from Modern Educational Technology Center was elected vice chairman of the newly established Specialized Committee of Digital Video.

Further communication and cooperation were enhanced between HUST and other provincial universities and colleges through this meeting, which provided a platform for the utilization and sharing of high quality educational resources in the province. Meanwhile, it also helped improve media program planning of HUST and its ability to utilize network resources. In this way, a solid foundation was laid to the better adaptation to the era of media convergence and the reform of Internet plus education.





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