Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences and HUST Co-construct Union for Science and Technology Innovation to Serve the Province

ByChen Ying fromPropaganda Department of the Party Committee

Translated by Tian Xu Edited by Pang Baokun

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In order to carry out the spirit of 19thCPC National Congress and national innovation driven development strategy, promote scientific and technological innovation, promote the Double-First class construction of our university and make full use of the advantages of talent cultivation, discipline and scientific research, talent resources and scientific research conditions, Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences and Harbin University of Science and Technology held the signing ceremony at 9 o’clock on May 18thin the second conference room of the main teaching building. Guo Chunjing, the dean of Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences, Cha Changqing, the associate dean of Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences, Zhang Hongtao, Secretary of the Party Committee, president Li Dayong, vice-president Guo Erjun and charging persons from relevant schools and departments attended the signing ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by vice president Guo Erjun.

Zhang Hongtao, the secretary of the party committee, addressed at the ceremony. He expressed that the two sides witnessed the beginning of the mutual development through the union signing ceremony. Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences is a comprehensive natural science research institute directly subordinate to the provincial government, with strong scientific research ability, protruding advantages and distinctive characteristics. This cooperation with the Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences is the powerful combination. At the same time, it is the good start to promote the innovation of science and technology and speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

The dean Guo Chunjing briefly introduced the key discipline, innovation team and scientific research platform. He also emphasized that the scientific projects should be open to Harbin University of Science and Technology. The two sides may share talents, information, equipments and international cooperation platform to promote the development of both sides. Based on the previous sufficient communication, Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences signed 20 specific cooperative agreements with the relevant schools in HUST.

Vice president Guo Erjun made some advice on co-construction work. He emphasized that union is the aim for both sides which should have mutual support, mutual drive and mutual promotion. Every school in HUST should have the seamless connection with the scientific team, trace the implementation of the secondary sector, establish the communication mechanism and advance the work to achieve actual effect.

After the conference, the two sides took the photo and had the further discussion about other fields they show interest.


The signing ceremony of co-construction between HUST and Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences


Zhang Hongtao, the secretary of party committee addressed at the ceremony


Guo Chunjing, the dean of Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences addressed the ceremony


Li Dayong and Guo Chunjing signed the union framework agreement


Guo Erjun hosted the signing ceremony


Relevant schools in HUST signed the agreement with Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences


Relevant schools in HUST signed the agreement with Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences



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