Party Secretary Zhang Hongtao'sInauguration Took Place in HUST on March 5

By:Chen Ying Executive editor: Xu Zhuang

From:Propaganda Department of Party Committee

Translated by:Wei Zhinan Edited by:Liu Xiuming

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At 15:00pmof March 5, the inauguration of the new Party Secretary Zhang Hongtao took place in the lecture hall on the fifth floor of the new main building. Zhang Yilong, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, Shen Lin, Deputy Secretary of the University Working Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Wang Zhen, Director of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, Member of the Working Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Qiu Jie, Director of the Organization Department, and members of HUST leading group as well as the Deputy Secretaries and professors of departments attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by President Li Dayong.

Deputy Director Zhang Yilong made an announcement of Zhang Hongtao's appointment made by the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Deputy Director Shen Lin pointed out in his speech that Zhao Guogang's appointment as Secretary of the Working Party Committee of Heilongjiang, Head of Education Department of Heilongjiang and Secretary of the Party Group showed the great importance and trust attached by the provincial party committee to the election of the leaders in the education system. He thought highly of the great achievements that HUST had ever made and those, especiallyZhao Guogang, who had done outstanding contributions to the development of HUST.

Since November 2013 when he was made Secretary of HUST Party Committee, Zhao Guogang has conscientiously implemented and strictly administered the president responsibility system under the leadership of Party Committee. He devoted himself to the solution of important affairs, such as the orientations of HUST, the overall layouts, the recruitments of scholars and the inspirations to the existing faculty, and by means of reforms and innovations, he has successfully ushered in a new phase of the university.

Shen Lin made a brief introduction to Zhang Hongtao. He said Zhang ever worked as Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of Party Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology, Deputy Minister of Organization Department, member of the standing Committee of the Party Committee, Minister of Organization Department, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, Vice President, Chairman of the Trade Union and so on, all of which made him excellent in politics, expert at the law of higher education, and firm in party spirit consciousness. Thanks to his rich working experiences, Zhang Hongtao has turned into an outstanding leader with broad vision, of frankness and generosity, of fairness, and of strictness of himself. He hoped that Zhang Hongtao could get into his position sooner, work harder and do all his duties better with the support of the HUST faculty and students in return for the great trust of the provincial Party Committee and the people.

Shen Lin put forward three expectations to HUST: firstly, the construction of politics should be placed in the foremost position, and that of the leading group, the democratic centralism and the work style should be constantly strengthened. Secondly, a comprehensive and strict administration of the party must be adhered to in promoting the university career to a higher stage. Special attention should be paid to the carrying out of Party construction as the main responsibility in the improvement of the ideological and political work and the strengthening of anti-corruption. Thirdly, "Four Services" should be emphasized in the development and infrastructure construction of HUST. We were obliged to enhance our capabilities in serving economic and social development by accelerating the inner progress and building a strong group of teaching staff in a down-to-earth manner. It was hoped that HUST faculty and students, under the guidance of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, would keep in mind its own purposes and missions in the fight for the construction of a high-leveled teaching and research university with characteristics.

Secretary Zhang Hongtaodelivered a speech on the meeting. He expressed his firm support for the appointment of the Provincial Party Committee and the great thanks for the trust to him. He hoped that Zhao Guogang would continue to aid HUST in its further development. He promised that he would put himself in working position as soon as possible and do all the work well with the help of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, under the direct leadership of the Education Department and with the vigorous supports from the teaching staff and the cooperation of other universities. He added that being HUST Party Secretary, he would try his best to do well the things in the following four aspects: First, the "Four Consciousness" must be firmly established and committed to intraining and cultivating high-quality students for our country and Heilongjiang Province. Second, he was determined to improve his own abilities by studying and working harder. Third, he would strongly adhere to democratic centralism in the maintenance of a harmonious and united leading team. Fourth, he would firmly strengthen the construction of a clean and honest administration on the basis of strict self-discipline. At the closing of his speech, he summarized that he would like to work together with President Li Dayong and devote himself to the cultivation of high-quality students, to the construction of high-leveldisciplines and universities, to China's Higher education as well as to the construction of beautiful Heilongjiang.

On behalf of HUST leading group, President Li Dayong made a statement saying that first of all, he resolutely supported the decision made by the provincial Party Committee and thanked the provincial Party Committee for its help to HUST. Second, he extended his warm and sincere welcome to Secretary Zhang Hongtao to join HUST leading group. He wished thatSecretary Zhang could bring here the valuable experiences he had got when working in Harbin Institute of Technology. At the end, President Li stated that he would offer his full support to Secretary Zhang Hongtao and collaborate with him for the development of HUST. He called for HUST leaders to help Secretary Zhang know HUST as soon as possible by offering him active supports and collaborations. He concluded that only when everybody in HUST did his/her duty well, could our dream for an influential first-class university come true. (photo: Liu Chang)


The inauguration was in progress


Zhang Yilong declared Zhang Hongtao's appointment


Shen Lin delivered a speech on the meeting.


Secretary Zhang Hongtao made an inaugural speech


President Li Dayong delivered a welcoming speech


The inauguration was in progress

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