HUST holds the First Teaching Experience Exchanging Saloon

byAnonymous fromHUST Teachers’ Developing Center

Translated byWei Xutao; edited byZhen Yanhua

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At 14:00 of Oct 13, a saloon was held for HUST teachers to exchange their teaching experiences in Room E0424 of New Teaching Building, West Campus. Twenty-five fresh teachers or young teachers from HUST’s 14 schools and library attended the saloon, in front of whom were Vice President Liu Shenghui, and three top awarded teachers at different levels, i.e. Professor Zhao Hui, a provincially top awarded teacher, Professor Luo Laizhen, a top awarded teacher in HUST, and Vice Professor Liu Lili, a HUST outstanding teacher, as well as Director Liu Qiang from HUST Teachers’ Developing Center, who hosted the saloon.

Vice President Liu started the saloon by stating four tips that he believed great attention should be paid to modern undergraduate teaching combining the demands of the coming international recognition for engineering education and national audit & assessment of undergraduate education quality, namely, to establish correct teaching principle, to grasp basic teaching rules, to avoid misconception in teaching and to improve the efficiency of classroom teaching, and encourage the attendees to make more contribution to HUST’s undergraduate education by applying them in future teaching activities.

Three outstanding teachers spoke out their working experiences from different perspectives and answered the questions of the young attendees asked on their teaching.

This is HUST’s first teaching experience exchange saloon, and in future, more similar activities will be held for fresh teachers or young teachers to learn and sharing teaching experiences.


Vice President Liu delivering a speech


The scene of saloon


The scene of saloon

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