President and Head of Alumni Association Li Dayong Appoints Alumni Yin Hengsheng as the “Growth Tutor of College Students”

byDong Chuanyong fromAlumni Office

Translated by Kang Xiaoyun; edited by Zhen Yanhua

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On April 1, graduate 86 alumni Yin Hengsheng, “Changjiang Scholar” appointed by Ministry of Education, the head of Marine Materials Science and Engineering College, Shanghai Maritime University, was invited by HUST to join the commencement ceremony for 2017 graduate students and delivered a speech. During the ceremony, President Li Dayong met alumni Yin Hengsheng and appointed him as the “Growth Tutor of College Students”. The head of Graduate Department Ge Baojun, the head of Alumni Office Wang Qi, Alumni Association counselor Liu Jun and Vice Secretary General Dong Chuanyou attended the conference. Harbin Alumni Association Executive President Zuo Hongbo, Harbin Science and Technology Deputy Inspector Shen Yijian and Shenzhen Alumni Association Secretary General Liu Boli joined the appointment ceremony.

During the meeting, Li Dayong extended his warm welcome towards Yin Hengsheng. He pointed that Yin Hengsheng immersed himself in the research of material science and its application in engineering. Through dedication, Yin Hengsheng finally achieved greatly in his field. He made great contribution to the society and added glory to HUST. On behalf of HUST, Li Dayong wish Yin Hengsheng could make even greater progress in marine engineering. Yin Hengsheng expressed his gratitude towards the instruction of HUST. He emphasized that his study started from his graduate study in HUST and in the future he would like to contact more frequently with HUST. He is willing to enhance cooperation in graduate students cultivation and study on material and marine engineering. He hopes that he could win more honor for HUST.


President Li Dayong issuing the letter of growth tutor appointment to Yin Hengsheng


Taking photos

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