Administration Authorities of HUST Extend Greetings to the Retired Leaders and Specialists before the Chinese Lunar New Year

By Zhai Yu Executive editor:Zhou Changqun

Fromthe College Labor Union

Translated by:Liu Xiuming Edited by:Chen Fuming

Time: 2017-01-20 16:04:12 Click:130

On the occasion of the celebration for the coming Chinese Lunar New Year of Rooster,Secretary of the College Party Committee Zhao Guogang and President Li Dayong extend greetings to the retired leaders and specialists on behalf of the university on January 20, 2017, the very date coincident with Little New Year (Chinese: Xiaonian) celebrated on the 23th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar year.

Zhao and Li visit Deng Zhongxing, Wang Shaojie, Tang Yunqiu, Yan Chengbin, Zhang Liyong and other retired leaders and specialists in their homes and greet Lei Qingquan, Li Zhenjia, Ren Shanzhi and others who are out of the city over the phone, by message or by email. In the cordial conversations, Zhao and Li show great concerns of their life and health, notify them of some of the excellent fulfillments of obligations such as the 13th Five-year Plan of HUST, the 4th Congress of the Staff and the 1st Congress of the College Labor Union, and furthermore, inspire them to contribute to the reform and development of the university by presenting views and suggestions on the outlook of the university.

The retired leaders and specialists show gratitude for the care and solicitude of the administration authorities. They think highly of the outstanding achievements of the university led by the College Party Committee in the past year and promise that they will continue their strong endorsement of and their devotion to the construction and development of the university to the best of their abilities in the rest of their lives.

Executive Vice President of the College Labor Union Qi Kaijun and Cao Maochang accompany the visit.


Zhao Guogang talks warmly with Wang Shaojie


Li Dayong exchanges views with Deng Zhongxing


Zhao Guogang listens to the remarks by Tang Yunqiu


Li Dayong shake hands with Yan Chengbin


Li Dayong extends greetings to Zhang Liyong

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