Launch Ceremony of 7th “PSBC Cup” HUST National College Students’ Network Business Innovation Application Contest Held Successfully

byYang Caixia fromManagement School

Translated by Yang Xin; edited by Zhen Yanhua

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Campus public speaking tour of 7th “PSBC Cup” HUST National College Students’ Network Business Innovation Application Contest was held successfully in lecture hall of south campus library on April 13, 2014. The guests presented are Mr. Cui Yao head of universities in organizing committee, Mr. Di Anyu vice president of Postal saving bank of China in Heilongjiang Province, Mr. Zhao Hu president in Harbin branch, general managers in provincial and municipal banks, Mr. Tong Weiqi, assistant director of agency business bureau of Post Company in Heilongjiang Province, Professor Meng Dawei vice president of HUST, Professor Ge Baojun head of HUST Teaching Affairs, Professor Qi Liangqun CPC Party secretary of HUST Management School, Professor Gao Changyuan associate dean of Management School and directors in information management and information systems. Journalists from Heilongjiang Daily and Dongbei were also presented.

The meeting presided by Pro. Ge Baojun began at 2:30 pm. It was divided into 4 stages. In the first stage, the video of PSBC and the review of past events are played. In the second stage, Pro. Meng Dawei and Mr. Di Anyu delivered their speeches. Pro. Meng Da Wei was confident in the success of this competition and expressed his support and high hopes for our students. As a main co-organizer of this contest, Mr. Di showed that PSBC attach great importance on this event, which will provide platform for students’ entrepreneur and practice and help them to improve their qualities and employment abilities. In the third stage, Mr. Cui Yao introduced the rules and schedules of this contest. Meng Xiangwei, general manager of Electronic Bank in PSBC Harbin Branch, explained the relevant questions and awards setting, providing timely and effective suggestions. The fourth stage is interactive session. It is worth mentioning that Wei Tuo, the winner of national second prize in last competition shared his feelings and experiences.

This event promotes the cooperation between universities and enterprises. The students can learn relevant knowledge and their learning interests are also inspired. Here, we wish great success to this contest, hoping students from our university get good results.

Group Photo of the Guests

Professor Meng Dawei delivered speech

Conference Site

Interactive session

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