HUST Holds Recreational Activities to Celebrate Women’s Day

At 1:30 pm, on March 6th, Recreational Activities named “to create beautiful lives and build women’s performance”, jointly organized by trade unions of HUST and the female doctor association, were held in the Multifunctional Hall of No.1 Building on HUST West Campus to celebrate Women’s Day. Gao Jun, Party Secretary, and Lu Yan, Deputy party Secretary, attended the meeting and delivered speeches respectively. Qi Kaijun, Executive vice president of trade union, Sun Fenglian, president of female doctor association, and the leaders from several departments and offices as well as more than 200 female staff participated in the activities.

Gao Jun extended his heartfelt congratulations to all female staff, he alsoexpressed gratitude to them for their hard workin the past year and affirmed the female staff’s contribution to the development and construction of the school. Lu Yan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, first conveyed president of HUST Li Dayong’s warmest and most sincere greetings for the holidays and best wished for all the female staff. As the honorary president of the female doctor association, Lu Yan expressed gratitude to the male staff for their care and love for the female. She also hoped that female staff would have self-love self-reliance, devote to work and deal with different roles in the society well.

The activities started with a fan dancing, and then followed by a woman’s solo from Management School, a duet from School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, a fashion show from School of Computer Science, a ballet performed by Red Shoes dancing group, antiphonal singing from foreign school, South of the Yangtze River style performed bySchool of Material Science and EngineeringandApplied Sciences. The party ended with square dance by director members of female doctor association.

The wonderful literary program fully showed the talents, versatility, love and gentle of senior female intellectuals. Sincerely wish happiness, health, beauty forever for all the female staff.

Activities at the scene

Beautiful Hostesses

Gao Jun delivered a speech

Lu Yan made a speech

Leaders watched the programs.

Leaders and actors

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