National & local united engineering laboratory of high efficiency cutting and tools

The Lab of National & local  united engineering for high efficiency cutting and tools technology is one of  institutions that firstly developed research on cutting and cutting tool  technology in China. Since the establishment of the lab, in accordance with the  strategic demand of the national independent innovation ability construction  plan, the laboratory focuses on the technological research into modern cutting  theory and new efficient tools in order to meet such requirements as energy  equipment, power equipment, machine tools, automotive, aerospace, instruments  industry, etc. It has developed an industry-academia-research technical  innovation system which takes research as priority, and gradually become the  support platform of research findings application and the supply of key  technology in equipment manufacturing  industry.

   In recent years, the laboratory undertake the national key projects, the  national “863”key projects, national science and technology major projects and  more than 30 national projects, such as various types of more than 40 research  projects at provincial and ministerial levels, more than 50 horizontal  collaboration projects. Also achieved fruitful research results, that including  national scientific and technological progress second prize and national  invention fourth prize, a total of more than 20 provincial-level awards. More  than 400 scientific papers and 10 monographs are published, among which over 200  are indexed by SCI, EI.

Laboratory actively carry out  academic exchanges and technical cooperation, the successful hosting of the  domestic and international academic conference, the National Conference on  cutting and manufacturing of high speed machining international conferences,  successively with the United States, Sweden, Japan, England, Belarus and other  countries and regions established close relations of  cooperation.