A Delegate from Heilongjiang Academy of Sciencesled by President Guo Chunjing to HUST for Further Cooperation

By:Xiang Zheng Edited by:Liu Xiuming

Translated by:Wu Fei;

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On the afternoon of April, 20, President of Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences Guo Chunjing, Vice President Sha Changqing, Director of Personnel Zhang Xing, and Director of Scientific Research Office Ni Hongwei visited HUST for a talk about cooperation related to “Technical innovation in serving Longjiang development”. Secretary of Party Committee of HUST Zhang Hongtao and Vice President Guo Erjun met the guests at 1stconference room in the Main Teaching Building. Director of Scientific Reseach Office Wu Mingyang, Deputy Director of Graduate Faculty Zhang Hui, Deputy Director of Personnel Shen Junfeng, Deputy Directors of Scientific Research Office Li Yuhua and Xiang Zheng were present at the meeting, which was presided over by Vice President Guo Erjun.

After a welcoming speech to President Guo at the beginning of the meeting, Zhang Hongtao made a brief introduction to the development of our university. He pointed out that with Heilongjiang Province stepping forward fast into a new era signified by the closing of 19thNational Congress, HUST came into a new stage accordingly. At present, faced with the challenges of “Double First-Class Construction” and the review evaluation for undergraduate teaching, HUST has centered its work on the improvement of comprehensive teaching qualities so as to build a high-level university with high-level disciplines and graduate students. Catering to the requirements of connotative development, we are making effort to make full use of opportunities to make our education satisfied by the people.

President Guo expressed his gratitude for our supports to the united contribution for “technical innovation in serving Longjiang development”. He summarized that a collaborative construction resulted from the implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CCP and the development strategies ofMade in China 2025, which is an exploration to take advantage of both Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences and HUST in the fields of students’ education, discipline and scientific research, human resource, and research condition, to improve the ability and level of technical innovation of both Parties as well as promote technical achievement for regional development. There are 13 research institutes under Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences, involving applied basics, strategic hi-tech, and chief public welfare scientific research. The Academy, a comprehensive natural scientific research institution directly governed by Heilongjiang Government, possesses 4 key laboratories and project centers of national level, 18 key laboratories, experimental bases, and project centers of provincial level. A national strategic union for technical innovation of black fungus industry was initiated by the Academy. President Guo expected a new breakthrough and mutual development in talent sharing, resource sharing, and cooperative construction of various collaborative innovation centers and international collaborative platforms due to cooperation between Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences and HUST.

Vice PresidentGuo Erjun proposed specific comments and suggestions on framework of collaborative contribution for “technical innovation in serving Longjiang development” He remarked that the collaborative construction should focus on the technical frontier and technical innovation, to undertake high-level significant scientific research projects and produce significant scientific achievements by talent sharing and talent gathering, which play a role in leading economic and social development of our province. Resource sharing, mutual benefits and win-win cooperation should be followed during collaborative construction, adopting systematic planning, step-by-step implementation, and stabilized progress. He mentioned the collaboration between Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences and our university is consistent with the strategy of strengthening our province by industry, science, education and talents proposed by Heilongjiang Party Committee. We should take the opportunity to demonstrate our advantage in equipment manufacturing, and actively promote the cooperation process to facilitate development of our province in the new era.

Director of Scientific Research Office Wu Mingyang elaborated the condition of scientific research in predominant disciplines. He made a deeper analysis on the mutual point for the cooperation. Then, he introduced our plan to establish a collaborative innovation center for appliance of artificial intelligence. Besides, he introduced the progress achieved in construction of new engineering and upgrading of traditional engineering, as well as direction of future development.

Through mutual discussion, the Parties have reached a preliminary framework agreement. Then we had a deep discussion focusing on details like mode of cooperation, objective of cooperation, and working mechanism.

Secretary of Party Committee of HUST Zhang Hongtao making an introduction to HUST

President of Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences Guo Chunjing is introducing the Academy.

Vice PresidentGuo Erjun presides over the meeting.

A discussion on cooperation is in progress

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