Zhao Lin , Secretary of the Party Committee of Our University, Was Invited to Deliver a Speech at the 58th/59th China Higher Education Exposition

The 2023 58th/59th China Higher EducationExposition opened in Chongqing on April 8th. ZhaoLin, Secretary of the Party Committee of our university, was invited to attend thisexposition. At the Third Regional Higher Education Reform and Development Conference, he delivered a keynote speech entitled“Promotion of‘Threesphere’Strategic Transformation of Colleges and Universities Guided by Party Building——Realizing High-quality Development in Serving Revitalization of Heilongjiang Province”.

The speech centers on comprehensively implementing the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, and promoting the integratedstrategy ofreform, technological innovation, and talent cultivation in higher education in the new era. Taking into account the opportunities and challenges faced by local universities in Northeast China,and using the achievements made in the school’sprofoundreform as an example, it discusses the new path of deepening the reform and empowering Heilongjiang Province to revitalize and develop. Zhao Lin pointed out that colleges and universities in Northeast region should seize the opportunitiespresented by the policies of comprehensive revitalization in the new era, find the right path to safeguarding the country’s“FiveMajorSecurity”, serve the national equipment manufacturing industry and national defense, take the lead in new energy,adhereto the initialmissionof cultivating people,rememberthe mission of educatingtalentsfor the Party and the country, and contribute to better serving the high-quality development of the region.

The theme of thisexpositionis“Convergence of Universities and Local Communities, Integration of Industry and Education: High-quality Development”. Nearly 20 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, more than a thousand experts and scholars, responsiblepersonnelof provincial education departments and more than 500 representatives of colleges and universities attended the meeting. The main activities of thisexpositionare composed of high-tech equipment exhibition, high-level conference forum, and high-end achievement. The exhibition area spans over 120,000 square meters, with more than 1,500 participating universities and colleges and more than 10,000 enterprises, and the offline audience is over 130,000.

ZhaoLin , Party Secretary of theuniversity, was invited todeliverakeynote speech.

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The58th/59thChina Higher EducationExpositionsite

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