Professor Chi Qingguo of HUST Received the Honorary Title “13th Model Worker of Heilongjiang Province”

Translated by Xu Dan; edited by Pang Baokun


On July 6, the 13th Model Worker Awards Ceremony of Heilongjiang Province was held in Harbin Huaqi Convention Center. Professor Chi Qingguo of our university received the honorary title "13th Model Worker of Heilongjiang Province". Xu Qin, secretary of the Communist Party of China's provincial committee, delivered an important speech. On behalf of the provincial committee and the provincial government, he extended warm congratulations to the awarded model workers. He also sent regards and offered highest salutations to the working class and the working people in all walks of life in the province. The meeting was presided over by Governor Hu Changsheng.


The Modal Worker of Heilongjiang Province is the highest honor awarded by the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province. The awarded workers are outstanding representatives of workers, farmers, intellectuals and the working people in Heilongjiang Province. With dedication and innovation, they take the lead, set examples, and constantly perfect their skills. They are the epitome of the great national spirit and the spirit of the times. They also contribute to building a nationwide force towards the country's goals in the new era.


For many years, following the requirements of Heilongjiang's comprehensive revitalization strategy and the demands of local electricity industry, professor Chi has devoted himself to breaking through the bottleneck of high-end insulation materials. His work provides important support for the industrial upgrading of the electrical equipment manufacturing industry in Heilongjiang, and makes outstanding contributions to the economy of the province.


When the skill is constantly refined, it is close to Tao. When a person forges ahead with resolve, it represents the essence of craftsmanship. The faculty members are encouraged by the union of HUST to take Professor Chi as an example, keep in mind the mission of cultivating talent for the Party and the state, take the requirements of their jobs as the starting point to improve their capabilities, pursue excellence with concrete actions, strive to be educated, skilled, and innovative educators in the new era, and make new contributions to high-quality development of the university.



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