HUST President Zhao Lin Had a Talk with Student Representatives

From: Youth League Committee

Translated by: Yang Xin          Edited by: Liu Xiuming

A talk between HUST President Zhao Lin and the representatives of students was held in room 535, the national university science park. President Zhao Lin had conversation with the representatives of 2019 freshmen from all the schools on behalf of the discussion. The leaders attended are Secretary of our university Party committee Lu Yan, Director of Student Affair Office Yang Zhongxue, Director of Office of Academic Affairs Song Qingkun, Director of Logistic Affairs Department Fang Anbin, Director of Security Office Fan Hongtao, Secretary of the Youth League Committee Jiang Guoyu, and Vice Director of Foreign Languages School Ma Yanhui. The forum was chaired by Zhang Zhe, President of the Student Union.

At the talk, the school leaders first inquired about the students' adaptation since their enrollment, deeply concerned about their study and life, and placed high expectations on their growth. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the representatives of 2019's new students spoke actively about the feelings of learning and life, the difficulties they faced and the opinions and suggestions they gave to the university since they entered the school, and expressed their concerns about the development and construction of the university from the perspective of students.

This talk has built a good communication platform for university leaders and students, promoted the communication between university leaders and students, and reflected the university's philosophy and actions of taking morality as the core, taking students as the center and caring for students' healthy growth. At the same time, the university hopes to strengthen the extensive representation of autonomous organizations such as student union to strengthen peer guidance and autonomy, let students strengthen the sense of ownership, be brave and dare to be masters of the university. Through the real expression of students, they can form a good interaction with the university, improve the accuracy, timeliness and effectiveness of teaching, management, service and other work related to students’ vital interests, promote the development of the school, and enhance the sense of belonging, identity, happiness and acquisition of students in the process.

Principal Zhao Lin delivering a speech

Lu Yan, Secretary of the Party committee was present

Talks in progress

Group Photo

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