HUST Awarded 2017 Provincial Excellent Technology Transfer Demonstration Institution

byWang Yongxin fromthe Science and Technology Department

Translated by Xu Lei; edited by Ma Yanhui

Recently, Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Provincial Finance Department jointly organized the assessment of national technology transfer demonstration institutions and provincial technology transfer demonstration institutions. After application, investigation, on-site defense, expert evaluation and other procedures, our school was awarded the provincial outstanding technology transfer demonstration institution in 2017.

On the basis of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in 2017, the Science and Technology Department of HUST carefully sorted out the material, highlighted the characteristics, organized 112 pieces of materials with more than 30,000 words, summarized 6 typical cases, and conducted an on-site defense at Jiangbei Science and Technology Building on November 2nd. After the joint review and evaluation of the expert group, the Science and Technology Department of our school received an excellent appraisal and funding.

In recent years, by improving and formulating policy documents for the school’s scientific and technological achievements transformation management methods, the Science and Technology Department strengthened the organization management system and the honor system, fully mobilized the enthusiasm of teachers, and guaranteed the transformation profits of teachers’ achievements; using industrial research institutes, technology transfer centers and various platforms, built effective bridges between the school and the government, teachers and enterprises, and achievements and the market; set up a collaborative innovation application center and hold “science and innovation space” to create conditions for the scientific and technological achievements output of young teachers. The Science and Technology Department will continue to promote the school’s scientific and technological achievements transfer and transformation, create a technological innovation environment effective to innovation-driven development, and establish a long-term mechanism to promote the transfer and transformation of school scientific and technological achievements.

Results of the Awards

Director Wu Mingyang is conducting an on-site defense on behalf of HUST.

Application Forms

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