New Progress on Energy Storage and Thermal Conductivity of Flexible Dielectric in High Voltage and Insulation Technology

bySchool of Electrical Engineering;

TranslatedbyWei Zhinan; editedbyMa Yanhui

Flexible polymer dielectric energy storage devices with high energy storage density and high reliability have irreplaceable applications in the field of high energy pulse power technology. At present, most researchers introduce high dielectric inorganic filler phase into polymer matrix to enhance the polarization ability of composite medium and improve its energy storage performance. However, the inorganic filled phase with high doping content will seriously degrade the intrinsic compliance of the polymer film and increase the dielectric loss of the composite medium. Meanwhile, the dielectric mismatch between the matrix and the filler phase leads to the serious electric field distortion and the decrease of the breakdown strength of the interface. Therefore, it is the focus of researchers in the field to explore effective ways to improve the energy storage density of dielectric energy storage devices.

Recently, the research group led by Professor Chi Qingguo, School of Electrical Engineering of Harbin University of Science and Technology developed a multi-functional polymer dielectric composite with high energy storage density, high energy storage efficiency and high thermal conductivity. In this work, the multi-functional inorganic nano-fiber filled phase was designed, and the orientation distribution of the inorganic filled phase was realized by electrostatic spinning technology. While enhancing the interfacial polarization to increase the polarization intensity of the composite medium, the electric field distortion of the interface is effectively alleviated, and the breakdown strength is greatly increased. At the same time, the orientation distribution of the filled phase realizes the anisotropic thermal conductivity of the composite medium, which greatly improves the in-plane thermal conductivity of the composite medium.

The results are published online under the title of Excellent Energy Storage Performance and Thermal Property of Polymer-Based Composite Induced by Multifunctional One-Dimensional Nanofibers Oriented in-Plane Direction in the internationally renowned journal IF=13.12. Zhang Yue is the first author of this article. Professor Chi Qingguo and Dr. Zhang Tiandong are the corresponding authors of this paper. Harbin University of Science and Technology is the first signed unit and communication unit.

The research work is published in Advanced Functional Materials, Energy Storage Materials, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, ACS Applied Materials by Professor Chi Qingguo’s research group in the field of dielectric energy storage and heat conduction. Professor Chi Qingguo’s research team aims at the development of high voltage and insulation technology and focuses on conducting scientific research in the field of engineering dielectric materials and insulation technology. At present, the research group consists of five young teachers and more than twenty doctors and masters specializing in the field of engineering dielectric materials and insulation technology. It is responsible for 6 projects of National Natural Fund, published nearly 100 SCI papers, with more than 20 papers in the first district of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 6 highly cited ESI papers and 6 highly cited papers, and more than 1000 SCI cited papers, and more than 30 authorized national patents for invention.

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