HUST Holds Feedback Meeting on MOE Reviewing Evaluation

byYan Mingming fromHigher Education Research & Teaching Quality Evaluation Center

Translated byWei Xutao; edited byMa Yanhui

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On the afternoon of May 10, chaired byMen Hai, vice supervisor of Heilongjiang Provincial Department ofEducation,HUST’s feedback meeting on MOE reviewing evaluation was held in the Lecture Hallonthe 5th floor ofthe new teaching building,WestCampus, attended by more than 450 leaders, cadres, teachers and students, including Li Zhiyi, president of Shenyang University of Chemical TechnologyandMOE reviewing evaluation expert group leader as well as his 11 group members, Zhao Guogang, secretary of Provincial CPC Committee’s Council for Higher Educational Works and Party Group as well as director of Heilongjiang Provincial Department ofEducation,Jiang Kun, director of Higher Education Office of Heilongjiang Provincial Department ofEducation,Jing Liying, dean of Provincial Education Evaluation Institute, Zhang Hongtao,HUSTParty secretary and Li Dayong,HUST president, etc.

As a brand new mode of evaluation proposed by MOE in the new era of Chinese higher education development, reviewing evaluation focuses on the input and output process of undergraduates from their being enrolled to getting diplomas, centering on talent cultivating objective and effects of universities and colleges so as to boost the teaching reform and improve the quality of teaching and management there. From May 6 to 10, President Li Zhiyi and his expert group members came to HUST, in accordance with MOE’s arrangement, to inspect our undergraduate teaching situation thoroughly by supervising classes, referring to files,visiting grass-root units and making in-depth interviews, while during the 20 working days before May 6, the experts went over the self-evaluation reports and other supporting materials made by HUST. By putting data they got in preliminary work and field study together, the expert group will launch the final evaluation report soon.

In the feedback meeting, President Li Zhiyi declared the overall result of this reviewing evaluation on behalf of the group, as well as the opinions they reached on HUST undergraduate teaching status, esp,the existing problems they found and corrective measures they proposed. The other 11 experts also state their ideas or suggestions in turns on the reviewing points each of them ever taken charge, and optimizing HUST’s promise as a high-leveled teaching-research type university of distinctive characteristics.

Director Zhao Guogang delivered his speech on behalf of Provincial CPC Committee’s Council for Higher Educational Works. He spoke highly of the significance of this reviewing evaluation and the work done by the expert group having taken so much pains day after night for the past whole week. He also showed great concern to HUST’s future development and promised that Heilongjiang Provincial Department ofEducationwill do everything possible to help HUST according to the suggestions of expert group, to whom, he still expected their continuous care and cooperation for the sake of the development of HUST as well as the other higher educational institutions in Heilonhjiang Province.

President Li Dayong made the statement on behalf of HUST. He expressed sincere gratitude to the efficient work that the expert group had done as well as the concern and support from Provincial Department ofEducation. He said that it was a great honor for HUST to be praised for herachievements, and the suggestions and proposalsHUST received from macro-, middle-and micro-level of viewpointwould be treated as a priceless treasure to her development as well as the keys to solve her undergraduate teaching problems and to improve her standard for school running. He promised to decideandapply corresponding corrective programs at once and make full efforts to enhance HUST’s construction of high-leveled teaching-research type university of distinctive characteristics.

The meeting was broadcast synchronously to RongchengCampus with online video,too.


HUST Holding Feedback Meeting on MOE Reviewing Evaluation


Leaders and experts attending the feedback meeting


President Li Zhiyi declaring the overall result of this reviewing evaluation on behalf of the group


Director Zhao Guogang delivering his speech


President Li Dayong making the statement on behalf of HUST


Vice supervisor Men Hai chairing the feedback meeting



Expert staff members stating their own feedback ideas or suggestions


The sit of feedback meeting

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