Professor Steven Y. Liang of Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, Visits HUST

bymechanical and Power Engineering Institute Executive editor:Tan Shixin

TranslatedbyLi Weidong; editedbyPang Baokun

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From May 4th to 7th, professor Steven Y. Liang from Georgia Institute of Technolog, came to our school for a four day exchange visit. Professor Steven Y. Liang is a famous expert in the field of international manufacturing and processing. He was hired as a visiting professor and doctoral tutor in our school in December 2017. Professor Steven Y. Liang was invited by Dean Liu Xianli of the school of mechanical and dynamic engineering to explore the academic cooperation and the reform of "new engineering" education.

During the visit, on the one hand, Professor Steven Y. Liang and Professor Liu Xianli discussed the progress of the key projects of the National Natural Science Fund International (regional) cooperation and communication: "based on the intelligent cutting technology base and application of the open CNC system". He and the graduate student who participated in the project have conducted in-depth exchanges on the analysis of scientific problems, academic problems refining and high level paper delivery in the project progress, and gave a detailed explanation of the questions raised by the students, which greatly expanded the international vision of the teachers and students of the project group, and laid the foundation for further cooperative research between the two sides. On the other hand, Professor Steven Y. Liang introduced the mature experience and practice of Georgia Institute of Technology around the new concept of engineering education, new structure of discipline and new model of talent training and so on. It has carried out a detailed study on the training objectives, model and assessment methods of the "new engineering" talents with President Liu Xianli and his team. The communication is worth learning for the college.

At present, intelligent manufacturing is leading the great change of the global manufacturing mode. The transformation and upgrading of industry and the change of industrial model have put forward new requirements for the knowledge structure of talents. The Institute of machinery, as an important supporting College of the school running characteristics of Harbin University of Science and Technology, has actively carried out the review and evaluation of undergraduate teaching, the certification of engineering education and the reform of "new engineering" education. The in-depth exchanges with Professor Steven Y. Liang's academic seminars, postgraduate guidance and new engineering construction have not only effectively promoted the process of international cooperation projects undertaken by the project group, but also promoted the reform of education and teaching with the advanced teaching ideas and standards of international famous schools. Thus we promote the construction of the quality system of talent training in the new engineering department.

Professor Steven Y. Liang directing students

Steven Y. Liang and members of the project group

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