HUST Postgraduate Volunteer Teaching Group Awarded Excellent Organizer of National Young Volunteers

by Cao Shi    from HUST Youth League

Translated by Xu Dan    Edited by: Zhen Yanhua

Time: 2017-01-03 09:53:54    Click: 1,802

Decision on Conferring Honors on the 11th Outstanding Young Volunteers (Individual/Group) and Projects was recently released by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. Postgraduate volunteer teaching group of HUST was awarded excellent organizer. This award was among the highest honors given to young volunteers in China.

For those HUST postgraduate volunteers, spending one year dedicating themselves to voluntary teaching in less developed areas is an experience that will never be regretted. Their dedication is made in accordance with motto of the university, which is “Profound Learning and Unfailing Testing”. It also speaks volume about the spirits of the university, which are “being honest and down-to-earth, advocating research and respecting researchers”. For two years they were devoted to voluntary teaching in Tailai, a county in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province. Their social practice and profound knowledge acquired at the university helped them successfully perform their duties. Meanwhile, they organized fund raising activities, receiving materials worth about 140,000 yuan. Their stories had been reported over 50 times by a range of websites, such as China Youth, People- People Forum, China Young Volunteers, China Teacher Talents, Tailai Education.

Outstanding Young Volunteers (Individual/Group) and Projects are highest honors given by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and Chinese Young Volunteers Association. The aims of these awards are: to cultivate and practice the Socialist Core Values; to set inspiring examples to young voluntary service; to promote voluntary work among the whole youth league; to encourage continued and innovative development of voluntary work among the young; to bring more young adults and youth organizations to be united to the party; to solidify and expand the party’s influence in the young. This year’s selection of outstanding young volunteers started in August. The final awards winners were selected after a range of procedures, including putting up potential candidates by Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and individuals directly stood as candidates. Then, recommendations were made and final appraisals were given before the names of the final award winners were publicized. To ensure objectivity and fairness, a larger proportion of the awards were given to front-line social organizations and voluntary organizations of the youth league working on programs such as Western Project, projects to assist children in rural areas whose parents had left home to work in the country, and projects which provide help to the disabled. In this way, exceptional individual volunteers and voluntary groups working at the grass-roots level were selected as typical examples, all of whom helped gain public recognition of the values of young volunteers in China.


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