Marxism-Leninism Teaching and Research Department

Introduction to School of Marxism

School of Marxism has developed into the teachers’ teaching and researching base with diverse disciplines, reasonable profession setting and clear features of research.The School has a second-degree doctoral program of ideological and political education; the first-degree master’s program of Marxism theory; the master’s program of technology philosophy; the undergraduate majors of philosophy of which the disciplines of ideological and political education is provincial key discipline. The School has the ministry of public and the ministry of education; four teaching and research offices, a students’ laboratory, and three material libraries, four academic research centers (STS research center, research center of Marxism, moral institute and party history research center).

In recent years, owing to the party leaders’ great attention and the support of various departments, the School of Marxism integrates the related disciplinary resources and plays an integral advantage of teaching, doing research and the development of disciplines which all have made significant achievements. In the faculty, the teachers are well structured in academy and they’re with the spirit of dynamic and pioneering.

There are forty-eight existing teachers, three PHD supervisors, fourteen master supervisors, ten professors and twenty-five associate professors. During the process of teaching, they forge ahead to promote and strengthen the curriculum disciplines, deepen actively the ideological and political theory and the reform of course teaching. They create a new model of education called “highly-valued first class” and implement a “six ones” system which means “having a good lesson, reading a good book, writing a good experience, running a website, building a team, training a group of new men “. The School has also adopted a variety of effective ways, given full play to the ideological and political theory courses in the main channel, and organized the backbones to guide the students in their learning of the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics. This makes the link between Marxist theory disciplines and young Marxist training project more closely which was reported by “Guangming Daily” and a number of other news media. As for the scientific research, they pay close attention to the social reality, and serve the state and local economic development, commit to more than eighty provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, publish thirty books and nearly five hundred papers. They have got more than twenty provincial level teaching and research awards and got four consecutive outstanding research prizes on social sciences in Heilongjiang Province.

In the aspect of training program and the setting of curriculum, the School of Marxism emphasizes on science and engineering characteristics of the college highlight the major science and engineering background, put the awareness of engineering into the disciplines of engineering construction. They also take the advantage of the educational resources and focus on the local economy, closely associate the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base with the practice. They aim to cultivate versatile students with firm political standing, excellent quality, and innovative master degree and doctoral students. The graduates are all widely acclaimed by the employers and they have made positive contributions to the development of the state and local economy.

Considering the cultivation of undergraduate students, the school aims cultivate them with theoretical thinking and practical ability, also the overall development of both cultural and scientific quality. They break the traditional training model and promote the cross-penetration of liberal arts and science in order to achieve the integration the new development model. They especially draw the current advanced teaching system and strengthen the application of intensive foreign language and the theory of teaching methods .The school also adopts the practical teaching model to cooperate with the northeast old industrial base and intends to foster cooperation with famous domestic universities to cultivate the versatile talents of philosophy.

Introduction to the Leadership

Li Qinghua,professor, Ph.D., Dean of Marxism, Marxist theory, is the back–up academic school leader. Research directions, youth`s education, ideological and political education theory and practice of development of Marxism in China, the ruling party-building theory, political theory building, and so on. Now he is the provincial “ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis” excellent course leader, Marxian project mentor of Heilongjiang provincial training college students. In recent years, as the main members to participate the two National Social Science Fund research; chair and participate in Humanities and Social Science projects of the Education Ministry, major provincial delegated Social Science Fund projects, the provincial Social Science Fund, the provincial education reform projects in the new century, provincial Humanities and Social Sciences projects, more than 20 research projects; has published many academic articles in the “ideological education theory guide”, “scientific socialism”, “social science front,” “contemporary world and socialism”, “learning and exploration,” “theory explore “and other periodicals.In 2008,Li has won the top provincial universities Humanities and Social Sciences outstanding achievement award; in 2009, has won the outstanding teaching of Heilongjiang Province, the second prize; has been awarded the top prize of Social Sciences in Heilongjiang Province, the Thirteenth outstanding scientific research.

Zhang Jun, associate professor, master of philosophy,secretary and vice president of Marxism institute, also tutor of young Marxists project in Heilongjiang province. His main domain is political education. In recent years, he has taken part in many academic projects, such as one project in the ministry of national Education, Humanities and social science research projects in Heilongjiang education institute, five projects in planning of education science of Heilongjiang, and two main projects in the college. He also has more than ten academic articles which were published in the academic journals, for example “Study of Political Education”. He was awarded with the second award for the excellent work and Performance of the youth, advanced person for student management of the Heilongjiang’s high education, advanced teacher of political education and advanced teacher in the college.

Wu Yulin, professor, doctor’s degree, assistant dean of MarxismSchool, leaders of academic subjects, tutor of postgraduates. Her main domain is scientific philosophy and technology innovation. She has studied in Perm institute of technology and was admitted into the University of Arkansas in USA. During the last five years, she was involved in one project of national society science, one project of education ministry, five national projects and six provincial projects. Fifty-one of her articles were published in the academic journals, such as “Dialectics Of Nature” , “Morality And Civilization”,“Technology Review”,“China’s Third Industry”,“Study Of Science Management”;She was awarded with eight awards for her performance of society science in the province. Since 1998, she has won the title of advanced teacher, advanced individual, advanced worker of the fifteen year period, advanced female staff, and some other titles in Harbin University of Science and Technology.

Wang Yanhua, professor, master of philosophy, is now the assistant of the dean of Marxism, the break-up leader of school discipline and the master supervisor. Her main research direction is the theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the contemporary social development of Marxism. In recent years, she has presided over the provincial social science fund and the province of the reform projects of new century to participate as a key member of provincial the national social science fund project and twelve ministry of education provincial level research projects; to deliver more than forty papers in contemporary world and socialism and contemporary economic research. Awarded the outstanding ideological and political workers and the “ten brilliant female” and outstanding speaking teachers of the Harbin Institute of Science and Technology.

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