Rongcheng Campus

Introduction to the Rongcheng Campus ofHarbinUniversityof Science and Technology

Harbin University of Science and Technology is a famous university with a 60-year history, the Rongcheng campus of which is the innovation achievement of expanding educational space with the local government. Approved by theHeilongjianggovernment and Shangdong government, Rongcheng campus was set up in 2006 and began to recruit students in 2008.

Rongcheng sits beside the mountain and around the sea, covering an area of 250 thousand square meters. The university invested several billions to build the library, multi-media classroom, laboratory, language laboratory, computer room, drawing room, training workshop, stormproof playground and apartments for both the students and teaching staff.

As an important component of Harbin University of Science and Technology, Rongcheng campus adheres to the excellent tradition and spirit, reflecting the features of Harbin University of Science and Technology in the aspects of university running concept, discipline construction and personnel training. Rongcheng campus adapts to the economic developing needs of Weihai area andJiaodongPeninsula, featured in the multidisciplinary combination of science, economy, management and arts with 26 majors.

Teaching staff construction adheres to high level principles, having both the experienced professionals and vigorous young teachers who forge ahead and have expertise in teaching.

Rongcheng campus are in accordance with the same school motto and learning style as the HUST, emphasizing students’ master of basic knowledge, cultivation of innovation ability and enhancement of the comprehensive quality.

Rongcheng campus gives adequate attention to the academic and cultural communication. Based on the communication with universities in many countries, it improves the cooperation withJapan,KoreaandTaiwanarea. Rongcheng campus has set up the cooperation with the enterprise, improving the employment rate.

Rongcheng campus will follow the development rhythm of Harbin University of Science and Technology, contributing to the construction of first class local university.

TEL: +86-631-7595111 or +86-631-7595122

The undergraduate majors include: English, Japanese,Russia, Korean, Marketing, International Economy and Trade, Accounting, Material Shaping and Control, Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Electric Engineering and Automation, Automation, Art Design, Software Engineering and Civil Engineering.

The specialized majors include: Accounting Computerization, Marketing, Tourism Management, Mold Design and Manufacturing, Welding Technology and Automation, Mechanical Design and Automation, Electromechanical Integration Technology, Electric Automation Technology, Electrical Machinery and Electrical, Computer Application Technology and Food Processing Technology.

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